• what?

    This was dope

  • DBS

    This dude's trying to sound exactly like Brother Ali, I'm not sure I'm cool with that, J5 in the building though, that I'm definitely cool with.

  • Spike

    There's also a video out for this which is dope as well.

  • yeah

    He doesn't sound anything like Brother Ali

  • Aristocrat

    This is doooooooooope!

  • Eggshells

    Dope! About time these guys got an American release.

  • SlumDog

    what ever happened to J5?

  • Sprosma

    These guys are lames. Actually if I want to listen to antipodean hip hop I would go for New Zealand stuff. David Dallas is cool.

  • jdz

    Trying to sound like Brother Ali? I'm sure they've been around longer than he has...

  • yeah


    Word. These guys have been around for 15 years or more.

  • INS

    first guy sounds like brother ali's brother

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