Logic – Young Sinatra: Undeniable (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 30, 2012

After a few previews (both visual and audio), the Maryland native jump starts this week with his latest mixtape offering. Tracklist, strem and download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Logic – Young Sinatra: Undeniable (Mixtape)

  • tbk

    Not sure how this has no comments, but this tape is great.

  • Mike

    This is an incredible project. One of the best this year…

  • The1nOnlyVI


  • D

    Life of a Don!!!!! Massive!!

  • Nomad

    The latest drake biter, but whack. Trash.

  • lee

    yo is this kid trying to be J. Cole? look at these song titles! dead presidents iii, relaxation, disgusting? young sinatra? LOL you ain’t cole pussy

  • J.T.

    Logic usually doesnt disappoint me. I think ill really enjoy this mixtape.


    This tape was cool, but after listening through the entire thing I’m only keeping 6/22 tracks (3 of which i already had).

  • Random Guy

    Pass. Don’t disrespect Sinatra’s name with this shit.

  • Markurs

    Logic is talented as fuck, this tape had alot of hype for me and I only took away 2 songs from it that I think are worth being on my playlist. Used to Hate it, and What you want. 7/10.

  • GR

    Do Ya Like and What You Want.

  • enter the swaggin

    wack, nothing i havent heard a million times. new jacks got no originality these days

  • Abstract

    Haha you 2dope commenters are so full of your own shit. Yall are prob washed up as fuck no talent kids. or haters who stay strapped with a keyboard haha this kids fuckin dope! tell me anyone of you did bronze in 3 hours!! haha GTFO Logis is boss

  • doja

    Hilarious reading comments on this dude’s videos where people talk shit about Young Money. Dude is Drake Jr.

  • Chris

    @Abstract the commenters hav given their opinions with valid criticism and detail. yet since you don’t like their views you are the one that’s hating on them. i havent read any “fag”‘s or “this dude a bitch”… just everything i myself have said about this dude in the last couple of post. you just mad that people aint feeling your boy. they are entitled to their opinions whether you like it or not. i see no hating here. get over it.

  • Du-Che

    Why is OJ The Juiceman ‘s mixtape streaming instead of Undeniable @Shake ?? lol

  • Juicy-G


  • truestorynodisputes

    logic has like one good song…n its not even on this tape….shits wack ppl dickride this kid for no apparent reason…u clowns are too easily impressed these days…nothing original or exciting about dude…PASS cuz im a real nigga

  • Shellzbeef

    logic is gonna bloooow up and im gonna be depressed when he doesnt remember me. #1 fan forever <3 Logic

  • BeyeneSausage

    Dude Used my favorite Chrono Trigger Song EVER for “Used to Hate It”
    WoooW. Did homework to that beat so many times. =)

  • dave

    Do Ya Like is the same beat Childish Gambino had on an earlier mixtape

  • stldynamite

    Logic is the future and apparently some of you aren’t ‘bright’ enough to let him enlighten you with his craft. Do yourselves a favor and put him on repeat! Thank me later.

    One Love!

  • 93 ‘Til…

    Sounds like Hopsin biting J. Cole. And he used an A Tribe Called Quest beat… DON’T DO THAT.

  • NC0310

    Sounds like Drake? This dude would eat Drake pause

  • CITYofGoD

    All i’m seeing is a bunch of haters from the comments. If your complaining about the samples and use of instrumentals that other artist have used then you don’t know shit about Hip Hop or rap for that matter. This guy’s flow is impeccable and variety is great. The selection of samples from 500 days of summer, Do Ya like, and Life of Don just to name a few. Stop hating and sorry to break it you but originality doesn’t exist in hip hop especially if its mainstream.

  • The1&only

    100% kid has talent. all you haters can deny it all you want, but once he blows up im sure youll all be running your mouths telling your friends you used to listen to him when no one knew about him trying to impress. just jump on the wagon now ya salty basterds, stop hatin

  • errrwut

    what the fuck is wrong with ya’ll

    he’s alright, but you guys are the reason for this line “old bitter-ass sit around in middle class homes with computers on hating on the newest song”

    just enjoy this shit

  • Fuck bob saget

    I’m sorry but I’m from Maryland and I will gladly say this guy sucks monkey balls. Would rather listen to garbage ass Fat Trel over this shit

  • bow

    I’m sorry but I’m from Maryland and I will gladly say that this dude goes in

  • D

    Download this!

  • fuck,it is buty.

  • andOneill

    is everybody brain dead.!! this tape is jammin, pick this over whack ass MMG mixtapes, he is a white rapper that eats most your favourite rappers.