Sha Stimuli – Vitamin S

blame it on Shake April 30, 2012

Staying on schedule.. Sha Stimuli just dropped The Trueman Showthe fourth installment of his ongoing The Rent Series. Check track three below.

The Trueman Show is an authentic look into Sha’s life using his music to convey his continuing struggles in the rap game, stepping into the world of the 9-5er and his love/hate relationship with the life that he left behind and what is not visible in the future, and the rise and fall of his personal and professional relationships (or is it just a metaphor). While we’ve heard Sha’s message before, we’ve not truly heard it like this, a cleansing of the soul, while rising up like the Phoenix from the ashes.

DOWNLOAD: Sha Stimuli – Vitamin S (prod. Agor)

  • meh

    i like my soul to keep but now he sounds the same to me in all his songs

  • C-loss

    Thiery Henry?

  • colors and above all sport specific shoes which are only meant for that specific sport in mind.