• Can_Confirm

    That shit is ILL.

  • Patrick


  • http://www.backpackersdelight.net CRsheehan

    Been waiting for yall to post them. Respected. Good looking.

  • Ruckus

    Top 3 project this year so far

  • Wessir

    260 in this. Word to Jupiter and J.O.

  • Nick

    Kids are gonna blow up shortly. Every track they put out is good shit.

  • Anonymous

    Video is ridiculous. How old are these kids?

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    WTF was that!?!?!?! I LOVE IT!

  • Soul

    @Anonymous 19 years old. They're finishing up their freshman year of college.

  • Anonymous

    @SOUL... WHAT?! They're that young? The future is bright...

  • TheTruth

    He's got that Kanye Flow, super reminiscent in a GOOD way, like a Late Registration Dropout. Maybe it's just me but that bodes well for the group.

  • dave

    wow this the best shit i heard in months omg hot ass song and video.this who kanye should be workin with not chief keef

  • Terrance LD

    Kanye impersonator. Stars before they stars. #nohumble beginning so I'm leaning no

  • Kriss

    Dope ass beat and pretty nice flow!!just so sick of hearing this kiss ass kanye flow!!!kinda boring now!!drop the kanye-isms and this would be ill.BE ORIGINAL,BE YOURSELF!!

  • Rachel

    I'm so proud of them! I've known Joe forever. They are going to go big places.

  • monstarmigg

    WACK he should be himself NOT Kanye

  • caff diesel

    this tape is ill.. spread the word.

  • History260

    Speak of the devil is def one of the best songs of this year

  • Cake1991

    nice. he does sound like KanYe. this is def the future of music