Peter Rosenberg Speaks On KimYe KardashiWest

blame it on Meka May 2, 2012

After giving his sentiments on Rick Ross’ music and Nicki Minaj’s pop sensibilities, Peter took to his Hot 97 morning show to wax poetics on the newest edition to the Kardashian family (down bottom).

I mean, I really don’t care what these two do at the end of the day because it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I just hope no sex tape surfaces from this union…

  • Rozko

    It’s a fuckin publicity stunt that’s working…….illuminati got yall mind, soul, and bodies.

  • smh

    so if you couldnt care less, why did you post this? smh

  • Can you blame ‘YE!

    I’d hit it too.

  • DK

    If a news-reporter reports the news does he have to care about it?

  • KD

    Is somebody else’s opinion of two completely other people’s relationship news?

  • DIK

    isnt news just new information in general?

  • AnT

    What does this have to do with music? The secret society done infiltrated 2DBZ. oh well

  • KID

    @DIK I suppose youre right. thought about arguing whether all new information is really worthy of being posted…but its neither your site nor mine, so its really whatever floats the 2dbz boat at the end of the day.

  • J.O

    and why do we care so much about Peter Rosenberg’s opinion for….

  • On Edge

    fuck Pete Rose! and fuck Kim in ass

  • 444

    Kardashian family LOL YEAH

  • crackadon

    wait, Meka doesn’t want a new Kim Cakes sex tape?

    what a flaming fagmo.

  • Me

    @crackdon: Maybe Meka, like the rest of us, doesn’t want to see Kanye’s dick. Have you seen that first tape? You see more of Ray J than you see of Kim.

  • crackadon

    @Me: who cares about who’s dick is plowin dat beefy ass? i just wanna see her get tha D, ya smell meh?

    i ain’t scared of no other man’s piece. be it Kanye, Reggie Bush, that mongoloid she married, the 1986 Chicago Bears, whatever. i just wanna see the hoe get smashed tbh.