• GeeZuP

    Damn Kurupt when off on this track.... Dope AF

  • AndOneill

    This is the shit.!! Terrace Martin definitely my favourite producer in the game.! Beats are always jammin and he spits.! Love all his shit., get the tapes if u don't already

  • Dre Mill

    Y'all niggas snapped on this one.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    jayrock was spittin....

  • JAyP

    West Coast Hip Hop Shit!!

  • SwizZ

    Omg this is DOPE

  • SwizZ

    They shouldve had Daz on here too btw he wouldve killed this

  • Spike

    Jay Rock and Kurupt murked this.

  • jundamane 24

    this shit is fkn bangin'. Left Coast on deck!