Directed by Bryan Lamb.

Inspired by Adult Swim's Adventure Time, the Treated Crew emcee drops off the latest visuals from his OMPP2: Mo Slices Mo Problems mixtape.

The song means a lot because it speaks to my core principles and it’s the livest song to perform in my set. I’m really stoked to get more people to know about that song. I want to get to the point where I’m performing it, especially out of Chicago, and I don’t have to do the setup for people. The song comes on and they already know what to do.

Shouts to RubyHornet.


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  • Nah

    Dope beat, dope video, dope flow, but they lost me with some of their lines.

  • Tdog

    How was that video inspired by adventure time? By the way the show is shown on cartoon network and not adult swim.

  • TONY!

    I think shake means loiter squad yo

  • M-Select

    the cats faces are loiter squad-ish good choruses