Danny! – Goodbye Love

blame it on Meka May 4, 2012

Payback is a muh’fucka… because it hasn’t come out yet. That issue needs to be solved, Swain, sooner than later.

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  • Bongwater


    Danny! has said MULTIPLE times, he has NO control over when it comes out. he’s done its ready but interscope wont release it without any hype. so please quit blaming Danny

  • @Bongwater ….I don’t think he’s putting Danny! at fault. He’s siding with him. Feeling the track, btw.

  • Big Dee


  • Genesis

    This shit is straight, but fuck this nigga for that Yelawolf line though…. Corny ass motherfucker…. Lol

  • Bongwater


    i know, im just frustrated. im anticipating the shit outta this album and im gettin told its not coming out cause not alot of other people want it

  • chuck

    bongwater you gonna cry bro?

  • K.

    what the fuck is he dissin Yelawolf for?

    other than that i liked it

  • Boughetti

    @K. that’s just danny being danny lol gotta love it

  • Maga D

    @K., IT’s true though, not a diss though, just a lyric. Yo, this track heeere…. YES.