Kanye West – Lost In The World (Video)

blame it on Illy May 4, 2012

Filmaker Ruth Hogben liberates the never-before-scene music video for Kanye West’s “Lost In The World” off 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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  • RZArector


  • owenschultz

    awful video

  • worst kanye west album…… please

  • ADP

    That’s some serious creative vision. Dope!

  • halah

    This isn’t a real video, dude just made a cover video, it’s not Ye’s….

  • halah

    I can tell because not only do you never see his face, but I have also never seen Ye rock vans like that… definitely a cover video that nigga just spinned like a collabo

  • AQ


  • I’m not really feeling the video but those interpretive dancers went in though. I applaud them.. I hope none of those lovely ladies hurt themselves.

  • Crenshaw&Man..


    you stoopid, nigga. did you even watch the shit?! that was him..

  • that was gorgeous.

  • This ain’t nothing but someone trying to get famous off someone elses work…nice cover video douche bags. Go do something on your own..

  • Thinker

    Wow dude even the video directors get hated on in this site? Who the fuck are these hating ass faggots?

    @rn506, @halah.<<<<

  • Ghost of Christopher Wallace

    @rn506 @halah

    Crystal meth is one hell of a drug, that’s Kanye.

  • you

    If you call this the worst album i don’t know what you would call 808’s and heartbreaks -_-

  • Puff

    808s was his best nigga

  • Unstoppable


    Word homie

  • YeDaTruth

    Late Rigistration, anyone?? the most classic of classics. MBDTF is up there too, just not as cohesive.

  • YeDaTruth


  • Truth

    Kanye West G.O.A.T.

  • Jordan

    Kanye facepalms in every video lol

  • henz

    shit video

  • soneerokz

    I wasn’t feeling this album either…it was alright in my opinion. I think his best albums were Late Registration, Graduation, and WTT.

    Oh..and this shit is legit. I don’t know what the hell these people above me are talking about.

  • the realest

    since they liberating videos outta no where n shit, what ever happened to that robocop video tho?

    and kanyes classics go like this, in my opinion:

    Late Registration
    College Dropout

    ..but this is like, fact tho lol

  • realtalk©

    College Dropout >>>

    WTT, 808s and MBDTF are in a threeway battle for wackest Ye album..

  • the realest

    ^ nah. college dropout was like his rookie of the year. but he won MVPs with 808s, LR, and MBDTF.

  • nycitykid

    its a reason some videos never get seen.. i don’t think kanye caters to his fans anymore.. kanye west does not care about black people

  • youareallfags

    TF?? Kanye has never had a bad album…. For people who didn’t like the style of 808’s that’s understandable, but the quality of the product was amazing. People on this site hate for the sake of hating.

  • marty mcfly

    Kanyes 1st 3 albums were his best and his first was the classic but everything after Graduation was put together mostly for just the sake of having huge commercial success (which for Kanye is expected). 808s imo was just riding a T pain and dark R&B wave that was poppin at the time just to cash in on it and MBDTF was a great album but was just really over the top production wise and put together largely for the sake of visual effects for his short film that came on Vh1. People praise it for being different which is fine and again the music was good but it just didnt have the lasting power or should I say, that kinda music that sticks with you for years type of value like his first three albums did. All his albums have some level of greatness but I would just call his first a classic even though the others were close. These days Kanye makes music mostly just to chase big sales numbers which is cool for Kanye. Im just looking forward to 9th Wonders Tutankhamen beat tape coming out this week and I hope Kanye takes a listen and remembers the sound people used to look forward to from him.

  • the realest

    ^ false. that was strickly opinionated.

    you are speaking from the perspective of simply a rap fan. to describe 808s as “just riding a T pain and dark R&B wave that was poppin at the time just to cash in on it” is just nonsense. the whole reason why it was dark was bcuz, how can you be HAPPY and JOYFUL to make music to please you and about 5% of his fan base when his mon just died and his fiance left him. like, thats the type of shit to make you not even make music anymore. thats the type of shit to make you just throw in the towel on life itself. period.

    wait, like pause for a sec. do ANY of you guys see ANYTHING outside of just YOU and YOUR PREFERENCES?! bcuz theres really no point of me even continuing if no offense, but you guys still have that childish “ITS ALL ABOUT ME ME ME, AND I I I” mentality. bcuz if you do, then anything and everything i say yall simply wont understand. the fact that you guys only listen and care about a music genre thats barely 30 yrs old speaks volumes. the fact that the music is overrated by yall and all that matters are senseless 16s and loop’d beats lets me further know where you guys stand. the fact that REAL shit is overrated and senseless shit is praised lets me further know hiphop fans are just terrible all together.

    kanye, keep doing ya thang. keep making that real shit. and keep making that real music. keep progressing our genre, and let the rest stay where they are.

    and i could REALLY go in MBDTF and make the case that thats one of the best hiphop albums ever and is in that top 10-25 of all time class, but my points will just go over yalls heads. arrogant, i know. but at this point, i really dont give a fuck. folks on here cant handle the truth. cant handle objectivity. cant be real. nothing. even the niggaz who run this site are just as lost and confused as the folks that comment on this shit.

    when niggaz is ready for real debates and conversations i’ll holla. but till then, i’ll just be dropping my comments and moving on.

  • marty mcfly

    Hey you have your opinion and I have mine, (Kanye Shrug). No doubt Kanye was sad at the time due to his mom passing so his sound was darker but as much credit as you wanna give him for an album like 808, you also gotta understand that T Pain made that auto tune sound very profitable by that time and also the fact that Kid Cudi was buzzing like crazy, signed to Good Music at the time and recording Man On The Moon which wasnt to far away creatively from 808s. Kanye saw this and made a choice to make that his sound that year.

  • marty mcfly

    And yes MBDTF did go over most peoples head cause I to caught on to all the little things about that album that make it great but sometimes hitting people in the head with a sound they know already is better then going over it.

  • RG3

    Every album Kanye West has dropped has been a classic. 808s & Heartbreak is by far my favorite album from him. Kanye dropped that album at the most darkest time in his life.No matter how you feeling you can pop that album in & feel a certain emotion each & everytime. Sure Kid Cudi helped pin some tracks but thats the sound that Ye wanted to go with at that particular time. T-Pain using autotune didnt have shit to do with that album.YE was showing motherfuckers that you could still make timeless music using autotune & not just the bullshit that was being played on the radio at that time.

  • asdfsadf

    @marty mcfly you make it seem like kanye never used voice altering effects and that it was influenced by t-pain.. graduation day off college dropout (2004)…….

  • charles

    Agree with @Rg3. Without Kid Cudi there wouldnt be a 808s. Its a reason Kanye refers to him as being his favorite artist in the industry. There is a reason Kanye always has his background vocals on his verses.Cudi has stated numerous times he’s fully aware that he’s one of thost artist that wont be appreciated until he’s dead & gone & he has come to accept that. People need to start appreciating him for what he is while he’s still here.



  • cmarie

    can see how this was shelved. the words in the beginning look like the same motif from all of the lights and the white ladies rolling around and head banging……o_O the vid isn’t awful but its not on par with the superb quality of the song. i’m sure yeezy canned this and wise decision mr. west!