Obie Trice – Get Rich Die Trying f. Bilal

blame it on Shake May 4, 2012

Fresh off the long-awaited release of Bottom’s Up, Obie is looking to drop The Hangover mixtape.

DOWNLOADObie Trice – Get Rich Die Trying f. Bilal

  • dat ol kid

    this shit is straight crack

  • Rec

    Obie realizing he got to put in work.

    Been gone too long.

    Wonder what his worldwide sales are so far for Bottoms Up?

    He can do good if he hustle now he got his own situation.

    Can’t disappear anymore though, especially if he want to put on other artists someday.

  • detroit89

    bottoms up was such a great album. just great quality songs that each were good. it way exceeded my expectations, he really delivered.

  • Who did the beat?

  • TH

    DJ Hi-Tek did the beat!

  • who cares

    @detroit89 is that a joke? Obie’s lyricism was on point, but his subject matter was severely lacking. Very lackluster album overall.

  • Rec

    @who cares

    The Watch The Chrome mixtape was even more lackluster. Seemed like a pretty half a** effort.

  • softer feel and will spring back as soon as pressure is taken off.

  • dope song

  • electrotherapy

    Hi-Tek? for real ?

  • dörk

    I think I heard this beat by Hi-Tek before…

  • jamie

    shoulda been on the album. listening back to rap name the new shit donest hold up quite as much, this is heat though

  • DJ Jules

    @Dork… Thats because MOP had this same beat, hook and name like 2 years ago. MOP version is better IMO

  • yeah

    @who cares, Rec

    check your ears. bottom’s up was definitely dope. the only wack subject matter on the album was “Petty” and “BME Up”, nothing else. and the production was on tight on the whole as well.

    don’t know about watch the chrome mixtape however.