QuESt – Scottie Pippen

blame it on Meka May 4, 2012

New week, new verbal assault. This time it’s over Gangsta Gibbs and Curren$y’s Covert Coup banger.

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  • Bongwater

    someone needs to tell him its not 2006 and rappin over everyone elses beat is played out as fuck

    people would care about this dude 10000000 times more if he just got some damn original production. I used to listen to him but shits gettin mad old. find yo own style homeboy

  • samo

    Dope shit again from Quest.

    @Bangwater His whole last project was all original, whatre you talking about? lol

  • BrutalHonesty

    Your voice sucks ass… “rippy rappidy, big words, my mindstate, blahbidy blah” lol shut the fugg up dude!

  • chuck


    youre wrong. the hip hop culture has changed dramatically.

  • @[email protected]…maybe if he raps more like soulja boy then ya will like him better…listen fam everything doesnt have to be a club banger bitch shake ya ass and i got money raps i can def appreciate this cats lyrical abilities somethin to kick back 2 light a L and enjoy…smh the state of hip hop is depressing

  • ricky davis

    @brutalhonesty go listen to your asap rocky mixtape fuck boy

  • Take Kendricks flow and call your song Scottie Pippen instead of Michael Jordan… That’s the recipe for success right there.

  • HindSight

    @Allen Walker QuESt been rapping like that from before I knew Kendrick… Get off the guy’s dick.

  • Ha ha ha… You mad!

  • Aceboogie

    “I miss Lauren, everything was everything until the game divorced the real and auctioned off its wedding ring.”

    Quest is NICE…….

  • Bongwater

    i like underground / lyrical rap.

    ALL I’m sayin about this dude is everytime i see a song how by him hes takin good rappers hottest beats and rapping over them. thats old fuckin shit its not cool anymore.

    the other thing is everythin this guy ever talks about is so fuckin depressing. you can have skill and still make entertaining music. when i get in the car or put some music on to smoke to i dont want some damn life leture on overcoming fears and failures i just wanna listen to some good fuckin music and feel good. this is NOT for that

  • detroit89

    damn so many of these people on here don’t listen to much hip hop because they don’t know QuESt. lemme guess you discovered this site a month ago.

  • realrecognizereal

    so Bongwater… you just dont like REAL music… you want some bullshit to make u feel good right? hearing about bitches sucking dick or something… he raps about REAL LIFE… shut ur hoe ass up.. go listen to that other 90% hiphop spewing some bullshit fantasy life

  • Johnny Blaze

    Why would I want to listen to this over Spitta/Gibbs’ version??

  • YoungCosby

    Reading these comments, I see why there’s no balance in music.

  • da_soji1

    Quest is my dude, and Ive liked most of his music…except for this. This right here is garbage.