Saturday Night Sexy: Shantel Jackson

blame it on Illy May 5, 2012

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With Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Miguel “Junito” Cotto squaring off tonight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, what better way to prep us for the big main event by highlighting Mr. Jr.’s Miami-born model fiancée Shantel Jackson. Saturday just got sexier. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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  • Genesis


  • Don Kennedy

    Kim Kar aint got shit on she

  • W$GTM

    Shorty body like Whoaaa! Side comment shorty Eyebrows even on point… Hot dammit

  • who cares

    Holy shit!

  • marty mcfly

    yuk, penis is the new vagina

  • cheezy

    Kim Kardashian > Shantel who?

  • aintfuckingwith cuz

    whats wrong with her eyebrows though???

  • DatGuy

    The marty mcfly trolls are hilarious…

  • Based

    Chelsea Ciara >

    Aint no one topped her yet, But she look good tho.

  • V

    She’s gorgeous man. But where is Scumbag Scott? I’m waiting for another bed time story.

  • Kim K not touching Shantel

  • … drink her bath water

  • MannyPacquiao

    anyone know a website that streams the fight?

  • GhostOfFloyd

    Nice airbrushing. Did you see her on 24/7? She got thighs like Oprah used to have

  • Really?? You would drink her bathwater?? Ok I really hope you put into that situation where you literally have a chance to drink her bathwater after she’s taken a bath…..You people are jerks

  • also can not walk up the hill immediately vertical grinding the feet.

  • b.

    finally some fine chick on here! the last two were a fail lol

  • Rolli Polli Trolli

    …I’d drink her toilet water…after she used it…with whatever comes with it…including the mini cleaner

    …Then I would eat everything in the trash bin, i mean everything…including the trash bin itself

    …Then I would re-route all the sewage line in her bathroom to come to my house…just so I could say I bathe in it

  • somedude

    Wowwwww damnnnn O_O O_O O_O O_O Shawty bad as fuck

  • Money Team is banging that back out tonight……….

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Damn. Did you see what she was wearing at the fight. Wow. Shoutout to the Moneyteam. 43-0…

  • Jimmy

    She’s the dime on the money team!

  • SwizZ

    That was her wearin that dress at the fight? I was hopin them titties popped out that dress even commentators on HBO was talkin bout it lol she was lookin too sexy. She got too much makeup on in some these pics tho

  • lion

    where the fuck is scumbagscott

  • SL the gimp

    I’ll eat the corn out of her ass after I watch her take a dump through a see through glass toilet.

  • Ladies and gentleman, this week I’ll be telling a vivid story of romance in the form of a novelization. This is a fictional tale of the beautiful Shantel and I.

    And now, another enchanting tale from Scumbag Scott….

    I’ve been working for our company for 10 years. I’m not sure how long you have, but when I was transferred into your division it seemed like you were on a first name basis with everyone from the President to the maintenance guys. I was intrigued by your presence…your sense of self that immediately came across when Jim introduced you to me.

    “Scott,” he said. “This is Shantel. She’s in charge of building operations.” You smiled and tilted your head that way that drives men wild and shook my hand. Yours was soft but your grip was firm. Your eyes captured mine and I looked deep and knew I had to have you. But you weren’t going to make it easy.

    Over the next few weeks I settle into my new responsibilities and more importantly always found excuses to walk by your desk and say hi. You always smile and acknowledge my greeting but you wouldn’t take my invitations for small talk. I could see you want to but I could tell you were waiting for something.

    Finally out of frustration I stomp up to you, stare you in the eye and say, “Shantel. I’m taking you out to lunch.” Your smile nearly knocks me off my feet.

    You reach behind you and grabbed your purse and say. “Of course Scott. Where are we going?”

    I was caught off guard. “Um…you like Italian?”

    You frown and arch a blonde eyebrow at me. “I thought you understood how it was Scott. Was I wrong?” Your arms are crossed in front of your lovely breasts.

    The click was almost audible. “No,” I said. “We are going to Luigi’s. Right now.” You pause for a second and then stand up. No. You glide up unleashing your deadly weapon of a body. You raise you hands above you head and stretch. Your breasts strain at your black blouse, a hint of pink showing between buttons. You lean over the cube wall behind you telling Barb you are going to lunch. Your skirt rises showing the tops of your stockings and clings to the curve of your perfect ass. My God…you aren’t wearing any panties. My cock is suddenly straining against my pants.

    You turn back to me and arch that sexy blonde eyebrow again. “On second thought,” I say. “Are there any conference rooms free right now?”

    Your lips purse and I wonder if I fucked up, but no you were thinking. “Yes, room 213 upstairs.”

    I take a breath. ” I’ll get take out and you go to 213 and wait for me.” You turn to go. “And Shantel.” I step close and lean in, my mouth almost touching your ear. “You will be leaning on the table with your skirt raised and your legs spread for me.”

    Your breath catches. You sigh. “Yes sir,” you whisper and my balls almost unload in my pants right there.

    I watch as you walk off toward the elevator your ass swaying and I decide right there how I’m going to have you. I need to kill some time so I go to the break room and heat up some cup-a-soups and grab some sodas. I can’t believe nobody notices my bulging crotch or at least I guess nobody stares. The ride up on the elevator and walk down the hall take hours. I finally reach the door and pause for a moment. The ‘In Use’ sign is slid up. Good. I take a breath, open the door and enter closing the door quickly and locking it just in case.

    You are bent over the conference table just like a good girl. Your legs are spread apart, knees slightly bent and I can see a glimmer of moisture at your pussy. I can’t believe this is happening.

    I set the food down on a side table. “You are a good girl Shantel,” I say. “You did just like I told you and you are going to get a special reward.” I slowly and deliberately take off my shoes and drop my pants to the floor. You begin to shiver causing your ass to jiggle ever so slightly. My boxers follow the pants releasing my hard cock. Finally. It was about to snap in half. I step over to you. “Such a good girl,” I say. “Such a hot sexy beautiful obedient girl.”

    Warm hands grab your ankles and roughly spread your legs farther apart. God you asked for this I say. Hands slide up your calves and caress your bare inner thighs spreading your legs out a fraction more. “Don’t move a muscle. I love your perfect ass just the way it is.”

    The hands slide around to the smooth skin of your butt caressing it, gripping and releasing, massaging and slowly spreading you apart. A gentle wet touch flicks around your hole. It circles then drags across the rose probing in a tiny touch and withdraws.

    “God. “Sexy Shantel…I love your ass it’s so beautiful. I’ve never done this before but I can’t help it.” You moan and push your ass higher into the air. I told you not to move…but I’m too far gone to care right now.

    Hands grip your ass hard and force you apart as far as you can go. The wet presence licks up, down, and circles. Mmmm . I love your taste. You push back against my tongue…a second of hesitation and it plunges into your hole. Your body shudders, you gasp. “Yes…yessss. You squirm at the feel of my tongue circling around inside you and thrusting in and out; fucking your ass.

    My tongue pulls out. I can’t take this; my cock is going to explode! “Fuck my ass,” you say. “Fill it with that cock…please.” A soft stiff presence pushes against your hole. Ungh! My cock starts to move in to your tight wetness. It goes in to the head and I stop. You push back.

    “I want it all…fuck me please.” I spread your ass again and slowly slide my cock in to the balls. I stop for a second reveling in the feel. It’s so tight and warm I almost cum right then but I take a breath and start to slide out.

    You let out a low moan as I pull almost all the way out and then shove my cock back in hard. My shaft plunges in and out my hands grab tight to your thighs. Ungh. Ungh…I grunt fucking you faster. My balls slap against you. I feel the heat of your pussy and the wet that leaks out. “Oh my Sexy you love this don’t you”.

    My cock moves faster and then seems to expand inside you. Oh God! A hot stream shoots into you. Another thrust…another hot stream. You knees weaken but I hold you tight against my cock. I push into you and my cock spasms again… and one more time weaker now. My grip loosens and my cock slides out of your hole. You collapse forward panting and look back at me. My face is covered in sweat, my eyes are closed and there is a smile on my face.

    “Shantel,” I say, “you are the hottest fucking woman in the world baby.” My eyes open. Turn around and clean off my cock. You smile and move toward me. “If you are a good girl and bring me my coffee tomorrow morning maybe I’ll take you out to lunch again.”

    After our rendezvous, I give a deep sigh, sip some Hennessey, sit back and enjoy life.

  • MidwestBeast

    This nigga scumbag artistic as fuck when it come to pure English literature. Shit is classic.

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Scumbag Scott is the GOAT. Took perversion to a whole nother level. An elegant and regal level but still perverted. Great job, hope to read more of your work .

  • DAME

    ^^ lmaoo! Who does that!? ^^

  • Alishki

    Scumbag Scott, he a regular novelizationalist on saturday sexy??

  • JAyP

    Knockout Punch for Scumbag Scott! (CLAPS)

  • Snatch Academy Professor

    Scumbag Scott, you are a literary genius when it comes to writing extraordinary prose about these hoes, my dude. I look forward to reading your entertaining & enlightening works, each week. Keep ’em cummin’.

  • Snatch Academy Professor

    Shantel (or Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty), lemme show you how your pussy works… since you didn’t bring it to me first.

  • adi Pre

    Lmao @ Rolli Pollo. He got a point, easily the baddest bitch on here, Floyd hitting that up.

  • IslandKid

    hahah, great post scott. been a fan since day one. however the use of “you” for shantel really confused the fuck out of me sometimes

  • BenDoughVA

    Her and Chelsea Ciara by far the hottest bitches on SNS so far! DAAAM she sexy!

  • aight

    Scumbag Scott makes my fucking day haha this nigga wild


    is this the hoe he beat up and is going to jail for?

  • Jonesy Stark

    Scumbag Scott…I Salute you sir.

  • Dave Chappelle

    For future fights….here is a site.

  • louislagerfeld

    lmao @ scumbag scott
    On the other hand, I agree that she’s the baddest bitch featured in SNS so far, my thirst level just hit an all time high. Whoever nope’d this is fucking gay.

  • Sexy behind.

  • j

    Scumbag Scott is the best author since Charles Dickens. Real talk.

  • c

    her feet sexy

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  • jonny bonny conny monny

    Scumbag Scott, you just need to work on revision. You forgot to quote many times, forgot to put a comma, etc. It makes it confusing.

  • D

    Dead at Scott’s story. You fucking crazy playa.

  • PC Groove

    Money May better have a few of these pics up in his cell…don’t forget the lotion and a long sock. oh and don’t drop the soap!

  • Scumbag Scott is insanely talented, man fuggs wit a nigga, fo real

  • aurelio

    who are the 18 people SMDH