Lloyd Banks – V6: The Gift (Artwork)

blame it on Miss_Peas May 6, 2012

Lloyd Banks reveals the cover art for his next mixtape titled V6: The Gift. And as of now there is no official said date for it’s release.

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  • Don Kennedy

    Man I got so hype when I saw V6 on here only to see it’s the artwork. Not to mention how mediocre this one is compared to CC2. Nonetheless, the tape will be fire.

  • pharaoh

    Mixtape of the Year guaranteed.

    i think he should have released another track from the tape though to hold us off with the delay



  • Yoo

    Can’t wait


    top 5

  • Killa

    So under rated. His the best rapper right now. Better then meek,kendrik,q, ASAP rocky, as if right now. Hea deff top 5 doa. I just don’t understand why ppl don’t give him credit? He has lyrics, he delivers, he got punchlines, metaphors etc. he switches Hes flows he got nice beat selections. He is just better than everyone in the game right now.

  • jdz

    Meek is shit, Q isn’t a lyricist, ASAP isn’t either. Terrible comparison.

    But yes, Lloyd is very underrated! I’m looking forward to this

  • Spike

    Banks better than Kendrick? LOL. And he isn’t fucking with the energy that Q and ASAP bring to tracks either.

  • James

    the main thing i hear haters say about banks is his boring

    so im guessing they are the people who like wacka gucci jeezy william etc

  • Weak millZ

    Meek milly gonna flop with this dreamchasers 2 album he has done no promo at all smh good luck ps ymcmb all day

  • sales blitz mainly concentrated in the school holidays is just over the Christmas holidays

  • Yoo

    Kendrik is whack as fuck. Talk to me when your favorite rapper tops victory freestyle. U can’t even compare banks to that kid.

  • G

    who the fuck is Q, yall talking about?

  • who cares

    Not bad. It’s a little plain, but I kinda like it.

  • pharaoh

    @Spike, what the fuck is a Q? Qtip? LOL. And Banks brings spiritual energy through his beats and lyricism, Asap brings nonsense energy, like a toned-down wacka. his peso single is garbage. he is garbage. he’s all about image, posing pretty with his wack ass clown ass clan in his videos. he’s a gimmick. only reason he gets love- he’s from NY.

    Kendrick is extremely overrated, his flow and rhyme schemes are all over the place and he’s not even worth checking. i don’t even check for kendrick and i know he can’t bring the adrenaline like banks can.

  • jdz

    ^ Obviously a hipster

  • pharaoh

    ^ Obviously offended that his hipster-fanbase rappers got dissed.

    Seriously Banks fans are the last to be hipsters you blind fuck. Comprehend the fucking logic i posted above you.