Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 2 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka May 7, 2012

Before he drops his formal introduction later this summer, Meek Mill releases the highly anticipated sequel to his 2011 breakout, with the likes of Rick Ross, Wale, Big Sean, Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and many more making guest contributions. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 2 (Mixtape) | Alt

  • squaaaad

    yall aint got anotha link? datpiff aint workin

  • GooN


  • and of course crashed.

    cheap asses probably got the shittiest servers running that site

  • RZArector

    Good Shit

  • drew

    MEEK MILLY Philly stand up!!!!



  • Southfield Lathrup STAND UP BITCH

  • RCrider

    fuckin DATPIFF

  • dmdpro5

    that kendrick track is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • DaSilva

    too many people wanting to download the mixtape at the same time, crashed the website… Damn Meek, you should be proud….

  • grapedrank

    500,000+ views in 15 minutes. holy shit.

  • Jordan


  • Jermaine

    Meek shutting down sites damn dat piff should of got their shit together for dis.. kmrbpt.

  • Really?

    views were over a period of time…not in 15 minutes lol

  • QbsFinest

    Datpiff is PISSING ME OFF

  • DCass

    if your having problems with datpiff i downloaded from

  • grapedrank

    ^15 minutes is a period of time you fucking dolt.

  • factormax

    ha fucking fabolous jacked the wackest ad lib in the game from big sean hahahaha. “whoa”

  • jariz

    He got the internet going nuts!

  • theguywholikecrazybeats

    he didn’t get diverse as i thought he would have on the production side .. i know everybody aint sending him the same tempo 808 drivin joints …

  • KendrickSchoolSoulRock

    – Burn & Lean wit it. i swear are thew same fucking beat.. Cardiak & jahlil beats just ended up basically making damn near the same shit! haha that Kendrick track is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • xastey

    Damn.. yall killed the site.. got damn

  • KendrickSchoolSoulRock

    – oh yeah. Mac Miller got street cred now! House Party Remix. lol shit threw me off. saul good doe.

  • hurrikane2

    i guess up north rappers dont rap over Soul sample beats anymore??? them days are long gone

  • Jojoba

    damn son. Every link for this is slow as hell. Meek fitting to shut down the internet. Anyone watch the fight on Saturday ssems like Meek was on nearly every song they were playing in the arena. Hottest rookie in the game right now

  • dmdpro5

    @hurrikane2 mixtape play on the radio dont want to have to get sample cleared most of the soul singers are dead so there family is in charge and they asks for loads oooooooooooooof money im 300,000$, thats why big krit is having trouble puting his album out because he was so soul sample driven hes having a tough time getting them cleared

  • asdfghjkl

    This nigga wack

  • theBroKing

    is meek haitian? he really looks it

  • johnnyboy

    absolute fire

  • Ray

    could care less bout this shit!…

  • Random Guy

    No fucks were given.

  • hardy

    this shit goes sooooooo hard. Meek Mill is gettin better and better. and Ray/Random Guy/asdfghjkl and etc. is the same person. F-ckhead.

  • Jumpman23

    Meek Mill > Every new rapper in the last 3 years, I mean EVERY.

  • Don Kennedy

    Only half on way through the tape, so far it’s bumping which is what meek wants. People may not be all the way on board with MMG (i still don’t know if Stalley is officially with them or not) but as of late they’ve been keeping their and delivering on time.

  • panoble

    @Jumpan23 nigga, get all the way the fuck outta the paint with that shit

  • One Hunnid

    Kendrick is probably the best rapper alive, buddy be spittin that hard stuff – striaght fuego

  • k dot

    Kendricks verse was mediocre, and this is coming froma big fan, BUT the kdot stans will disagree otherwise.

  • NAH

    Burn is really dope and this is coming from someone who doesnt like Meek Mill… but whoever said he’s the best rapper in the last 3 years is smoking crack

  • andOneill

    not the best, just not really into the MMG movement, meek is good but ross making him pick all those whack ass beats that sound the same, few songs are nice tho, fab neeeds to go back to the real talk days,

  • louislagerfeld

    @jumpman23 I want some of what you’re on

  • dre

    Meek aint number 1 best in last 3 years, Ill give em top 5 prolly. But MMG is filthy! well Stalley, Wale, and Meek. Ross is a FED cider nig.

  • Chase N Cashe should be banned from 2dopeboyz

    can’t wait for that kendrick’s new album to drop, i been ready

  • 500,000 downloads from a single site. Damn, this means something.

  • K-eazy

    I don’t even like Meek Mill as much as the next guy, but this is for sure in my top 3 mix tapes so far this year. Shit bangs.

  • Hgtewtew

    “Meek Mill raps like an angry dad”

    top comment on the house party youtube video. realest comment ive read about meek mill lmao

  • cheebacheeba

    meek mill sounds like Roscoe.

  • The Meek Mill Chronicles


    Stuntin all on all my haters,
    Running thru all my hoes.
    Countin all my paper,
    smokin all of my dope.


    Riding around in the coop,
    stuntin on ya haters.
    beating ya girl,
    while she holding your paper.


    Nigga you better be scared,
    we gon take your spot; stuntin on these hoes.
    Nigga just be prepared,
    we pack dat glock’ sprayin at these hoes.


    Money in the whip,
    stuntin on these hoes,
    Nigga catchin hoes like ini mini moe.

  • the realest

    *rick ross grunt* this shit bang. meek nxt up

  • lance geneva

    mac miller pretty much won on house party..

  • Based.

    Burn is the best track on there, iStill dont get his hupe tho dude is decent at best. But get ya money kid.

  • top_shottatx

    big fan of both meek mill but this was a mediocore mixtape. dream chasers 1 was better. hopefully he saving all his heat for his album.

  • facts

    Meek Mill Is Trash. Better Than Wally But Still Terrible. End Of Story. Have A Nice Day/Night Everyone.

  • NYdreams

    yea this shit bang.. but this aint fuckin wit dreamchasers 1… it seems like its too many features on here…

  • Stay Frosty

    Too much Wale on this but the tape goes. Can’t wait for the countless videos to come out. Already know how MMG gets down.

  • NYdreams

    and he let big sean kill em on burn… dreamchasers 1 seemed like it had a diff sound while this 1 seemed like it was more focused on the hard beats cause every song on here sound the same…

  • pete

    This nigga meek mill need to learn the art of shutting the fuck up sometimes or develop a fuckin inside voice.You cant always be that excited to deliver your trash ass bars. Calm your wack ass down nigga.

  • Carlos

    lol meek mill be rappin like he ridin a fuckin bicycle down a hill

  • Fire!!!

  • alex

    I swear dude use the same flow every song smh.


    Overrated ass, and this is what people are going crazy for? SMH

  • bbs

    “lol meek mill be rappin like he ridin a fuckin bicycle down a hill”

    Dead..but tbh that’s the best way to describe that shit

  • Shrooms & Cocaine

    Kendrick is a beast!!! That debut is going to be FIRE

  • louislagerfeld

    to be honest what do people see in Meek Mill? This dude is hot garbage, same flow and subject matter on the same Lex Luger-like beats.

  • Swurk

    fuuuuuuuuckin dj drama and his fuuuuuuuckin “gangsta” grillz!!!!!!


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  • Dave

    I know why this crashed the reason meek mill has alot of ghetto fans and hes mainstream now.all the ghettoos love this crap.but meek iight but is repetive like his boss rozay


    Meek has the “it” factor..he’s alright lyricist, def has potential, but it’s not really about his raps that gets him the most shine, it’s his voice, charisma, raw delivery..some of the most admirable vocals in rap I’ve heard since the Ruff Ryders days..he has a long way to go to be considered legendary, but as long as he’s making tracks like “Faded too Long” and the Dreamchasers 1 intro, I’ll check for his stuff..

    lol @ Meek Mill “has alot of ghetto fans” a white person typed that.

  • chef

    “meek mill be rappin like he ridin a bike down a hill”


    this is the funniest thing i have ever read on this website lol, one of the few times i actually started laughing uncontrollably after reading something


    Meek Mill cool, he has some real trill tracks where he speak his heart. “Ride” is the best track on the tape.