Sunni Colòn – Dearly Beloved (Album)

blame it on Shake May 7, 2012

After a few 2dope leaks, we’re proud to present Sunni Colòn’s new project! Quit reading my words and hit the jump for the tracklist and a link to stream/download.

01 Magic
02 Shrines
03 Stargaze
04 Angels & Demons
05 Stone
06 Black Madonna
07 Shades
08 Horizontal Dance
09 Queens Interlude
10 Beautiful Transformation
11 Lost Tribe (Bonus)

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Sunni Colòn – Dearly Beloved (Album)

  • Brandon

    This guy is recycling lyrics now? I just heard this verse on “Gold Bombs” that he released months ago. Not a good start for me.

  • Fox

    This sounds incredible so far. Big ups to Sunni!

  • penelopy

    wayne, drake, and all the big names recycle lyrics…sunni’s album is sick. up and coming!

  • DjBug

    Very impressed with this.

  • Turtle

    Woah. Who knew that the dude crooned like this. This is sick. If you are not wise to this guy yet, download this and give the whole thing a listen. Production is the best part. It’s awesome. Just waiting for some ignorant fools to hate on this shit.

  • Bang

    get em Sunni

  • Bruuuceee B

    The production on here is straight trash, only like 2 alright beats. He can rap, not so much produce.

  • Nab

    FUCK NIGGA LOL. This production is #KILLER. Who’s singing? He’s pretty dope!

  • JosephR

    dont see the hype. I started falling asleep after angels &demons.

  • ogsnorlax

    High quality production. Sunni goin’ blow

  • johnnyboy

    some hate on here…

    I’m on the dope side. very good

  • DONioanDLaNooch

    Wow very impressed.

  • QuBurlz

    DOPE as hell

  • yooo

    6/10 … if that.

  • what?

    Amazing. Great production. Great lyrics. 10/10. Download it, it’s definitely worth it

  • dangatang


  • Shouts to the lil Homie SUNNI COLON, good work Fam, enjoy your humble beginnings my friend…also, shouts to all the haters for doing your job, keep my dude on his toes, lol…real shit tho, this album has major potential. Peace….

  • GoDucks

    feeling this, dope production and rhymes. Hopefully his brother, Cobe Obeah will drop his new shit soon

  • Numba7

    could see him doing some dope hooks.. other than that.. pretty boring.

  • JetSet

    Nobody wants to hear you sing nigga.

  • KingZ

    Great Album. I Love it.

  • donut

    any1 know what the end of “Queen’s Interlude” is from? funny as hell listening to it.