2 Chainz – No Lie f. Drake [Explicit]

blame it on Illy May 8, 2012

Available on iTunes now. Based On A T.R.U. Story drops August 14.

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  • RealRap

    this garbage makes me want to SHIT.

  • TheAvengers

    I think this is one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard

  • fuckhaters

    fucking haters get the fuck outa here

  • lmao if you aint a fan, why bother listening??? This dope no doubt

  • Random Guy

    And no fucks were given. No one cares about Tity Boi or Drake.

  • TheAvengers

    @ 2 CHAAAINZZZZZ who said i wasen’t a fan? now i sure as fuck ain’t but still you gotta listen to a song to know if its good or not, and just because i like someone dosen’t mean everything they put out is automatically golden you fucking sheep… keep following the herd bro, 2 Chainz fucked this song up

  • 2 Ballz

    why’s this have so many thumbs up? 2dopebitchez….

  • 2Fake

    Why does this shit have a white kid on the album art…. Oh yea cause 2 Chainz don’t care about quality music he care about selling his shit ass music to the suburban white kids who dumb enough to buy it

  • FukU

    2 chainz and drake ruin hip hop music, ruin music. these faggots dont know shit about shit. I want to kill someone after listening to this garbage. no lie.

  • weedandmicrophones

    Dont hate, if you could make millions by juss throwin some random shit on a track you would too.

  • TheUnderground

    @weedandmicrophnes, no I wouldn’t cause I’m not a fake ass bitch like you.

  • thatguy

    make millions :S 2 chainz net worth is half a mil, 500k, thats garbage, dude ain’t rich in the least

  • RealCrack

    fake fuckers shine doesn’t last long, soon you’ll be exposed, then what you got to show? nothing, cause you never were nothing. this goes out to all you garbage rappers.

  • straight up.

    lol internet niggas are so funny.

    only people that sit in front of their computer all day say shit like this is garbage.

    this shit aint garbage. its a banger.

    this is what people listen to, people with lives. people that go out and live life listen to people like drake wayne 2 chainz etc.

    maybe its just cuz im from vegas, but in the clubs this is whats playing. not your nerdy blog rappers.

  • thatguy

    @straight up. Wow dude what an argument, most of the people where i come from go out and smoke meth, i guess it must be the right thing to do

  • Disregard this

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  • RealRap

    @ straight up, don’t call me an n word cause I’m not. If you’re from las vegas you’re from the dirtiest shit hole in the U.S. and if you’re hangin out in clubs you’re hanging out in the dumbest most ignorant place to be with a bunch of garbage music blastin in your dumb ignorant ears. and if you think people who listen to 2 chainz and drake and full accomplished lives, you’re fuckin playin yourself, you god damn fool.

  • i live an accomplished life and all i bump is chainz..fuck outta here u broke lil bum ^


    C’mon people…I mean it’s 2 Chainz…Why are we being so critical of an artist that doesn’t make critical material? If he stopped rapping today, what was his impact? his significance to Hip Hop?

    Just some cool-catchy tunes…don’t waste your energy people. Enjoy it, Listen to someone else or Make something that you like instead. Opinions now and days are only heard by the amount of zeros on a check…believe dat

  • zookeeper

    This song is hot, sweaty, stinky anus.


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  • BakeNShit

    Fuck all you bitches

  • Crack, don’t tell me what to do you fucker. ignoramuses need to be told their musical preferences are garbage.

  • Jus

    this isn’t classic chainz. drake sub par. if you gon call me a hater, name some 2 chains pre TRU Realigion and quote pre so far gone Drake. of you can’t your opinion matters to me about as much as they’re net worth.

  • factormax

    i dont understand why people say dont comment/listen to it if you don’t like it. it’s the fucking comment section. that’s what its for.

  • the realest

    yo you can spot the niggaz/whiteboys/asians/w.e. that dont get no pussy. have no social skills. dont go out in the world. just stay in their little box. probley dont know how to laugh. dont know who to have fun. cant hold a conversation. ignorant worldy things. my only question is what do you guys play in the yalls cars? what do you listen to in the company of females or in a group enviorment? ponder that shit.

    and this shit bangs. if you think this is garbage, even as a fan of 2 chainz or this kinda music, then your just lie’n for blog sake. lets your guards and protective walls down. thats female tendencies. just be real. theres a whole nother part of life your that your keeping yourself ignorant to that cant be read or searched on youtube. its called experience and exposure. get some.

  • Crack

    ^ stfu bitch, you can spot corny rap fans with their fake swag and wannabe playboy attitude. my only question to you is, how do you live with yourself knowing your a fake and corny loser? ponder that shit, faggot.


    i swear ever since internet ass niggas can comment and have an opnion about music, people has lost a sense of fun and play. NOT ALL MUSIC has to be on some jay z shit.Why dont yall hate on other music like scremo that screams about nothing but blood.ATLEAST this shit get u in the mood to go ridin in your whip not thinking about bad things in and life and let you feel the music and fantasy that MUSIC is supose to do.YOU guys are over thinking and hearing the music like its rocket scientest.enjoy the rhytm and mood that this banger do when u in an infiniti g35 slammed with two 12’s with some bad bitches in a 4 door infiniti.NUFF said

  • curls LOC

    on crip and blood im fuckin a fat bitch with no condom on aha ima thug asss nigga who can finally stop masturbating for once :)

  • curls LOC

    fuckk everyone out here who got small penis

  • Shtihappens

    lmao! some of these comments HAVE to be written by people 16yrs. or younger cause its not that serious folks. Some people out here writing about killing people and junk stop it. Not every artist or song has to be philosophical and “for the people” Sometimes you just need some ignorant shit to listen to. Not every rapper is going to be lyrical and not everyone is going to like every rapper . Its okay to voice your own opinions about the music but not with so much hate and bitterness thats too much energy folks. Take it down a notch.

  • hanibalmcakapeteknivze

    2 chainz go to hard,so fuck wut the haters say,niggas mad cuz they couldnt charge a dolla for a verse that they consider better than his,2chainz is dope, dont hate!!!!!!!

  • factdo

    what do i play in the company of females?? avett brothers homie. you and i and love gets me alot more pussy than this bullshit would.

  • Imani”Smith

    btfo ; people crazy as hell if they think Drake & 2Chainz aint the shit! HA LOVE THIS SONG ….