Ab-Soul – ILLuminate f. Kendrick Lamar (prod. Skhye Hutch)

blame it on Meka May 8, 2012

Mixed by Ali

Soulo’s controlsystem drops this Friday (May 11th), and here’s one more cut from it for y’all to enjoy before you can cop it in full.

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  • dr.dave

    so sick…and the cover is ill

  • victor

    how do i download this

  • Basserr

    yesssss ab-soul!

  • AD


  • -23rd’sAngel

    -Fuckin ADHD outro… Haha let’s go Soul!

  • GotDamn

    Wow, wow is all I can say. I have always felt Ab-Soul was the most consistent of TDE, and that says a lot!

  • peteROC


  • Jonesy Stark

    Illuminati accusations in five, four, three, two…SMH

  • jay

    you can have all my shine i give you the light

  • unclesam

    Yeah, I´ll be copping the album now.

  • LALowkey

    I like the cover.The tree of life. Grabs my attention. Dope song too.

  • anthony

    Ab is a genius. Too good.

  • who cares

    This is so dope.

  • Keebo



  • Keebo

    I had goosebumps for like 4 and a half minutes..

  • Yo

    that cover is the tree of life not the Illuminati, stop throwing dismissive labels on..shit you dont understand

  • LALowkey

    Btw, Soulo, in his cover, is saying that he shares all he has. He also is saying that he is knowledgeable. He replaces Da’at w/ “Ab-Soul” so you can look up what Da’at means. Might as well check out the other 10.

  • Qgod

    This niggas going in…the fuckiin tree of life. wat this nigga know bout qalaba. Ketchup niggas!!!

  • KKK

    “I use to wanna rap like jay-z now i feel i can run laps around jay-z, nas aint seen nuttin dis nasty” BONG BONG got my support dis friday

  • I’m inclined to agree with LALowKey, although Da’at and Keter are normally counted as one. Hod and Netzah are also inverted compared to how I generally see this depicted, but a dope cover nonetheless! Ordering when it drops.

  • Don Kennedy

    Gotta support the TDE movement, they’re working hard. Haven’t heard a lazy verse yet.

  • SZ

    It’s finally time, it’s time for Kendrick to step over and let Ab-Soul get his shine, Kendrick Lamar has FINALLY met his equal, they both are tied for the best in TDE now…

  • ayyo

    Hope all of yall are going to be buying this album when it drops. Look how much dope shit he has personally leaked himself. I hate when dudes get buzz on these blogs, but don’t get support when the albums drops. All of these blog dudes get put on then the blog support just disappears. Hope yall show love. Control System 5-11-2012.

  • Maj

    Hi everybody ! This song is dope. Ab-Soul and Kendrick are definitely far away a lot of rappers… I’m french and I have one question : I don’t really understand the meaning of the “now I feel I can run laps around Jay-Z” ‘s stuff. Someone can explain it to me ? Thanks.

  • Wonton Soup

    Haha at least he acknowledges Eminem as the best rapper. Dope ass song too

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    “it ain’t nothin’ but mo’ hot shit..”

  • chyeahh

    what’s the sample in the beginning?????????????? can’t put my finger on it

  • dipset bitch


  • LALowkey

    @Riptide,I wonder if he’s going to have a song representing everything on the tree of life. Binah could be his song Empathy.

  • p.DOT

    Friday.. out to this..

  • trumessiah

    Look what they done did now. Whenever somebody try to come with a little bit of knowledge of the esoteric and occult everybody wanna scream illuminati. People think they informed, but they still ignorant smh

  • fnfup1591


  • TH


  • MJR

    When these two get together there’s nothing better! Damn..

  • the realest

    @ maj

    hes delusional. hes far far behind jay.

  • Riptide

    @LALowkey You know… that’d be pretty amazing. Still learning, but I’m not sure if Binah would fit with Empathy, or if that’d be Chesed.

  • LALowkey

    @chyeahh it sounds like an opening to a show in the 90’s or late 80’s.

  • smoothcriminal

    @the realest actually if him and jay were to go at it now im pretty sure ab would eat him alive.. back in the day you would be right but ab soul can easily body jay z

  • GeeZuP

    I never really buy music anymore but from what I’ve heard Soulo really put his foot into this one I gotta support! May 11th! let’s go!

  • the realest

    nah. even now, jay would still body everyone cept a select few. of course not some shit off a rihanna track. but only when its needed.

  • LALowkey

    @Riptide I wish I could ask him straight up haha, its going to eat at me until friday. Maybe i’m just reaching lol

  • LALowkey

    @chyeahh actually it sounds like an intro to a movie theater, right when its about to start and the lights dim. Like the actual movie theater’s intro

  • HiiiPower

    HiiiPower. Tree of Life and 3 Pillars. Represented in the TDE logo as well. I like how everything they do put out has meaning and knowledge and incorporates what they call “HiiiPower.” Shit is amazing how it all connects. Soulo was always my favorite of the crew, but regardless they are all dope.

  • Riptide

    @LALowkey Haha, seeing how he’s pushing things it might not be a reach. You could try to ask him or Ali on Twitter, but I bet it’s a secret. We’ll see on Friday!

  • Just Sayin

    Dopeness but we need a track list!

  • Juicy-G

    My nigga took zodiac signs and make a dope ass cover. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • asdkj

    Why does this have A nope? This shit was 2 dope. Whats wrong with that boy?

  • AJ

    Holy fuck!!! This man keeps dropping classics. TDE > everyone in the game


  • Ricki Lutes

    Ab-Soul! all of the songs he has leaked have been extremely dope!

  • Cubano

    Lmaoo watch out Kendrick everyone went against you now saying that AB soul is the best outta TDE….calm the fuck down guys…Soulo is nice but he is semi retarted and comes out with wack shit too…just bringing yall back to reality..yall dont have to dickride EVERYY TDE release you hipster bandwagon fans…..this is cool but Kendrick is the best in the crew and is on the forefront of the Westcoast.

  • Cubano

    Lmaoo watch out Kendrick everyone went against you now saying that AB soul is the best outta TDE….calm the fuck down guys…Soulo is nice but he is semi retarted and comes out with wack shit too…just bringing yall back to reality..yall dont have to dickride EVERYY TDE release you hipster bandwagon fans…..this is cool but Kendrick is the best in the crew and is on the forefront of the Westcoast.

  • that truth

    wow, ab soul is garbage. kendrick and the beat were pretty good. but the reactions are expected from

  • QB

    Not gonna listen.. too many leaked tracks would ruin the surprise for me on May 11th. Hiiipower.

  • Jus Sayin

    @Cubana and that truth fuck both you trolling ass niggas TDE is the movement get used to it

  • Cubano

    I been listening to TDE for a while now….but unlike other fans I admit when shit is mediocre…and this is good but not EVERYTHING TDE drops is magic…and AB Soul isnt the best in the group cuz he drops too much dumb ass shit lol

  • realtalk©

    Just because you don’t like Ab-Soul doesn’t mean he’s garbage.. I do feel like a lot of people are bandwagoning him just because Kendrick and Q became such hypes and they wanna be on Ab-Soul early..

    I’ve been listening to Soul since before he started to get a buzz (gave him a shot once after seeing him on 2DBZ and been listening ever since) and I can honestly say he’s a pretty good rapper.. that he actually make the kind of music I enjoy is a plus..

  • Cubano

    I never said hes bad..I like him…but he comes out with some retarted shit at times that i cant get into….But even schoolboy to me isnt that lyrical but he comes out with great music. I think the only true lyricist in the crew is Kendrick…and I think Jay rock can rap his ass off even if people continue to act like he doesn’t exist.

  • Peoplewhocan’tspellgetsonnedouthere

    @Cubano *retarded

  • West Coast Ghost

    Ab-Soul is dope as fuck and super lyrical every rapper comes out with dumb shit time to time but overall dude is consistent and this album could be his best one yet @ Cubano your just a hater

  • Cubano

    Lmaoo realllllllllllly nigga? Thats what you do? Go on irrelevant comment sections and correct people? Damn you got 90 percent of people here who suck kendrick and top dawgs dick no matter what (I am a fan of TDE)…and the rest are “trolls” and people who correct spelling?? IS that whats hip hop now? Ok

  • Cubano

    @West Coast Ghost did you NOTTT see where i said i liked him?? Because I do like him but when i see people suddenly dickride him and say he’s the best in the crew I had to disagree….because i heard every leak and I only liked this, black lip bastard, and the danny brown one.

  • Wizard

    @ Cubano how you gonna be a fan then talk shit about TDE nigga go play in traffic

  • Peoplewhocan’tspellgetsonnedouthere

    @Cubano Bet you money you proof read your comment.

  • TDEtakeover

    All of TDE is dope as fuck and killin everything…get over it. Soul bout to drop a bomb with this control system

  • Cubano

    I diddent poofreed it thanks tho….and Im not talkin shit you sensitive ass mothafuckas…Im just saying suddenlyy everyone is forgetting about kendrick and calling soul the best rapper in the crew?? Outa nowhere? Im just saying yall overreact on everything when it comes to black hippy …this is good but to say ab soul is better than kendrick is crazy

  • Yo

    Smh @Cubano in here criticizing people’s opinions..if some1 feels that Ab-Soul is the best in TDE then let them feel that way, it doesnt necessarily mean they’re “dickriding”, maybe they just feel his shit more than Kendrick and the rest of TDE’ is subjective so calm your sensitive self down

  • killmeslowly

    For now, Kendrick is the best in TDE but let’s be real, they all bring something different to the table. This Control System project will get Ab-Soul some more shine but he won’t get nearly as much respect as Kendrick or Schoolboy right now. I am a fan of Kendrick, Ab and Schoolboy. I think Jay Rock is mediocre. #HiiiPower

  • Trey Bones

    How can you say Ab-Soul isn’t a lyricist? Example: Gone Insane, Pineal Gland, Hell Yeah. I don’t think any of you has actually listened to an Ab-Soul mixtape that say he’s not lyrical. The ignorant rhymes usually come out when he’s paired with Schoolboy. Actually everyone on TDE is a lyricist but they all have their own way to convey their message. That in which makes for a dynamic label and they’re on their way up.

  • Cubano

    @Yo smh you sensitive fans dont get my point…forget it ima stop lol Yall really dont get what I just saying rewind back to a year ago when J cole was getting his dick sucked here..thats all ima say. peace.

  • Yo

    My favorite album of 2011 was Long Term Mentality..I liked it more than Section 80 and thought it was better there any factual evidence that proves my opinion is wrong and that Im overreacting and gassing Ab-Soul up?

  • Soulo Hoe

    Soulo is hands down the most talented mothafucka in TDE. Anybody who disagree can eat a dick.

  • marty mcfly

    Personally I think Jay Rock is the best out the group and im not just saying that to be different. I been said that since the beginning of they little movement. Jay Rock doing a song with Lil Wayne and then popping up with the video on Tv is really what I think put the light on TDE from the gate. Then he did a gang of other songs and THEN people found out about the other members. Jay Rock mite not use alot of big words and rap at supersonic speeds but his music sounds the most real imo. The others are aiight

  • Jus Sayin

    @Cubano it ain’t about who’s better all TDE members are different and bring something different to the table they all have completely different styles that mesh well together your just a hating ass bitch nigga

  • Cubano

    @JusSayin SMH you just continue proving my point and you dont even realize it.

  • looney

    marty nobody gives a fuck what you think if you never commented we would think you were dead *crosses fingers*

  • SwizZ

    SMH at you ppl. The song is DOPE, just leave it at that.

  • JaySole

    Songs cool but nothing special IMO

  • Bow!

    Im sorry I tried give this guy a chance absoul is whack tho.erbody knw jay roxk best in black hippy neways.btw when 2chainz album drop?hes da best rapper this year

  • marty mcfly

    Hey thats my opinion but I do think all the members of Hippy have been making dope shit lately. Some of you was complaining about Kendrick rapping over more hyped up beats recently on features but I think those beats actually make his flow sound a little better.

  • opm



  • Timothy

    There’s nothing in this song that is Illuminating about this song. The lyrics aren’t even speaking in high frequency to lighten the minds its just ….. idk ….

    HiiiPower my ass

    Blu >

  • midsole and heel in black.

  • hhekla

    for me kendrick is the most interesting rapper alive! in my opinion he is one of the best out there. Hes playin with flows like its the easiest thing for him and he murders every time..

    Props to absoul he also went in

  • mtrx

    Ridiculous. TDE is the best label in the game.

  • Is This Foreal?

    Even though Ab-Soul is not necessairly in the “Illuminati”, he’s still making all of yall co-sign their satanic practices. This is the Kabbalah tree of life, used in esoteric and occult circles. The Kaballah is commonly practiced in Freemason sects and other secret fraternal orders. Ab-Soul and TDE are trying to pass themselves off as this pseudo-religious/socially conscious group to combat modern government oppression when in reality they are nothing more than occultists signed to musical elite (Dr. Dre) in order to push the Illuminati agenda. I mean just look at the title of the song, “Illuminate”. That term, in reference to Kabbalah, is associated with the light of Lucifer. And these niggas are talking about sharing this light with everyone??? Again, there are not Illuminati, but they do the same ritualistic and satanic magic as the Illuminatus order, so does it really make a difference if they members or not? IMO they are still as evil as the “biggest racist party” (as stated by Kendrick). But my words dont matter because all of you will still continue to listen to them even if his next single was “Satan Is My Homeboy” smh

  • Keebo

    @Trey Bones, Q was on “hell yeah”…

  • Mdj

    @is this forreal? Why believe in something you don’t understand that’s made by man. You’re connecting opinions/beliefs from centuries ago with today’s music. Why in all reality would the illuminati care about music? Why would the so-called “devil” care about music? And what’s so special about these guys to make them be apart of satan’s cult/following. People like yourself just spew misc. B.S just to provoke false enlightment. If you understand religion you’ll understand that not every religion has a devil, and not every religion has to be right. It’s only right in the believers eyes, and I myself is a none-believer. Religion was made by man, so rules can govern people lives as their belief sees to it. Religion=illuminati(religious people)

  • 2dope4nope

    Whoa all I know may 11th straight purchase from itunes word up and it’s funny I was watching another KL interview again but with that yaya and saw that clip again where snoop and em pass that so called torch to KL and saw Soulo in the back like chillin and seeing game hugging on KL like a bitch just in the way smh and Soulo just being a real nigga like coo coo haha was thinking Soul should have a piece of that torch too but anyways 2dope artwork!

    But I guess what makes KL dope is his first ever mixtape training day if y’all don’t know abt that look into that DOPE.

  • Michael

    @mtrx Fuck no GOOD Music is dropping they nuts on everybody. I’ll give’em second tho.

  • Braniak

    This fucking song right here making my day and oh shit I had a day. I alwayz had faith in you SOUL!!!

  • KP

    @Is This Foreal? – “I still believe in God I just doubt the authenticity of Jesus and the devil.” – Ab-soul ….but yet he’s satanic? oh….and as for kendrick, he’s repeatedly talked about his faith through his music. I think you’re reaching.

  • Turtle


    This beat is unreal.

    That is all.

  • AD

    @is This Foreal. Why do yo listen to them since they ‘re satanic?

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    WTF ever happened to the download links on 2dopeboyz? Now they just stream shit, it’s already leaked, might as well provide us with a DL like you used to. 2dopeboyz getting corporate smh.

  • Riptide

    @Is This Foreal? Thing is, if I started rapping, got some hype and said the “wrong things” I’d hear that I’m in the Illuminati or supporting it too. It all rests on a knife’s edge. With regards to this cover, the symbols go both ways: they’re used in the occult and in Christianity & Judaism theology.

    Can’t know at the end of the day what these guys stand for: none of us know them personally. But every listener has the right to, well, listen, and take what they can from it. One day it’ll all make sense.

  • AD

    there was alot of subliminal msgs in pineal gland wit the WWJD reference and eye of horus poppin out. I mean i guess when you start getting good , everybody adds these things to their videos. It is what it is. Just apreciated good music and stay out the world i guess

  • @Timothy
    But what is Blu talking about???

  • blown away….just wow really wow….great song

  • oijoew

    if this was a jay z and kanye song you kendrick dickriders would be having your periods right now.

  • why do people use the term “dickriders” nowadays…. fuckin dumb as hell

  • Juicy-G


  • spencer

    Overrated. Honestly. Soul just claimed he “runs laps around Jay-Z”… Riding Kendrick’s buzz.

  • @spencer just go kill yourself

  • chuck


    he probably would rap laps around jay-z, but good rapping doesn’t always equate to good songs that generate profit, unfortunately.

  • trumessiah

    I see that people need to get their knowledge of ancient civilizations and theology up. I don’t try to pass off myself as an expert by any means, but I’ve done enough research to see how the esoteric,occult or “satanic” forms of spirituality and major world religions such as Christianity are connected. For example there are many similarities between the Egyptian mystery system and Christianity. Try to trace back your religion to its origin and see what you find. You might want to rethink what you label as evil and satanic.

  • Timothy


    Listen to “my sunshine” first verse that alone is poetry
    & he’s trying to connect to you in another way of a higher
    frequency while Ab-Soul just naming songs to advertise this
    HiiiPower movement but really the lyrics are eeeehhhh

  • jjjmd

    This is not satanic symbols if you really do enough research on your own religions you’d know that Satan was not apart of Christianity of Judaism until centuries after Christs death.

    This is Kabbalah it’s Jewish mysticism, some of yall need to get pasts this Illuminati shit all that doesn’t matter none of this does there’s no good or evil forces except for in our minds now lets just exist as God and enjoy this dope track

  • Terrance


  • AD

    @terrance you must be trolling?

  • the realest

    ” if this was a jay z and kanye song you kendrick dickriders would be having your periods right now.

    oijoew said this on May 8th, 2012 at 11:06 pm ”

    ^ this.

    ” Overrated. Honestly. Soul just claimed he “runs laps around Jay-Z”… Riding Kendrick’s buzz.

    spencer said this on May 8th, 2012 at 11:53 pm ”

    ^ 100% this. if im not mistaken, its kendrick and jay rock that got the deals. how are you a over-abusing dmt stoner with no deal and no fan base out side of the blog and shut-in stoner’s bedrooms, and say you can run laps over the same rapper that you stole your flow from. the nerve of some of these losers.

  • andosca

    the realest, lolumad

  • AD

    @the realest… you must be trolling too.. Jayz cant rap anymore. Jcole and Jay elctronica send him verses

  • Ah

    They’re boring me now …

  • marty mcfly

    The only reason Ab even said that is for shock value, thats why 99% of people who say Jayz name do it. He dont really believe that simply by having a buzz that now he’s running laps around hip hip legends like Jayz and Nas. Niggas nowadays be buzzing for barely a year and start thinking they one of the greatest smh. COMEONSON

  • Spencer

    Jay z> soul . Any day. Look at the music (quality, quantity) they have both put out. Because Jay Z hasnt been completely relevant in the past few years doesnt mean shit.

  • CrackKills

    Illuminate – To provide or brighten with light.

  • This caballa yabhalla illuminati shit is getting trendy. It doesnt stop there, its EBE ET shit going on broth…

  • Kenni Creationz

    Ab-soul had to reincarnate in this time so that he could help usher IN the coming of the golden age reaching it’s peak in december 2012, it’s a paradigm shift we are experiencing in the moment, u can tell by how time seems to go faster now. ab-soul has lot of knowledge about this u can tell by the pineal gland video, so for ya’ll ignorant human beings who gravited towards rap music, ya’ll should take a closer look when control system comes out 05/11/2012. follow me on instagram: Kenni_creationz. Peace.

  • But what’s the point of rapping if you don’t even believe you’re the best???

  • flo

    LOL kids mad about ab soul rappin some truth, U MAD?

  • AMMA

    the cover represents the metu neter from kmt (ancient egypt), from which the kabbalah and other forms of esoteric disciplines derive. black gods.

  • seriously yall

    Are some of yall serious? Of course he is going to be confident in his ability to rap. In the words of Schoolboy Q “If you don’t think you are the best you just need to go home. Just take your ass home”. That is the mentality of everyone in TDE. They all think they are the best. They all think they are better than each other. If you don’t think your music is good then wtf are you making it for? Hip hop is just competitive like that. I bet you Memphis Bleek thought he was the greatest/better than Jay too at one point lol

  • Triple OG

    ^ I mean but Ab-Soul is the best.

    “I’m all about that real, about that real, I’ll show you how that feel, how that feel, when the odds against ya. They wanna see me with two chains on and polo draws, and that ain’t wrong….”


  • method

    ^^ wayne gave schoolboy that
    and ab could forsure be second… never first in tde.

  • That sample reminds me a lot of the music for the original Deus Ex video game (which was abt the illuminati interestingly :p). Not sure if it is, but that vibe and those synths are really close