IamSu! – KILT (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 8, 2012

We’ve heard him on E-40’s Function and LoveRance’s Up!. Now the Richmond, CA native is going for dolo with his latest project. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: IamSu! – KILT (Mixtape)

  • B

    His verse on Function is so so good.

  • Dave

    Yea his verse on that was dope but everybodies was dope even problems hook.the beat was so hot it made erbody shit hot lol.this guy is iight but idk if ill listen to a full mixtape from him

  • Yay Area!

  • Cesar

    TYBG! I’m really feelin this nigga. pause- no homo lol

  • Eron

    Fuck the bay

  • Young luuby

    Im downloadin just for the function song.thats my shit!bitches get wet off that shit in the club YAYYYYYYY!

  • Tyshawn

    Is he better than Chief Keef?that is all I need know

  • JaySole

    ^ Way better than that nigga Chief Queef

  • Sus Sincere

    weeeeeeeeeakest shit i’ve heard in a whilez

  • Harold

    Wtf is a iamsu! ? Lol weird name

  • “Come on,Rafael!” !!!

  • Shayyan

    New Bay! We backkkkk I’m too proud

  • yayYay

    his name is Suzy….yeah, Suzy *kanye shrug*

  • illite

    @yayYay its Sudan nigga thats jus somewhat of a nickname.

  • dis is dope

  • FUCK Eron, FUCK Sus Sincere, and FUCK Harold

    U niggaz is hella gay! ya’ll some punk made bitchez who ain’t bout shit! stfu and go kill yourselfz lil niggaz, I pray u fuck azz niggaz die of horrible death! az for iamsu! dat nigga shit be slappin’ he spit more than the average/garbage azz rapperz of today’s rap…

  • Tiki Barber