OkayafricaTV: Joakim Noah x Fela Kuti (Video)

Well, seeing as how he's also on that list of injured NBA players, I'm going to assume Joakim will have plenty of free time while he recuperates.

Bulls’ center Joakim Noah grew up listening to Fela Kuti with his tennis star father, Yannick Noah, and his Cameroonian soccer champion grandfather Zacharie Noah. Above, Joakim talks about Fela’s audacity to speak the truth on behalf of his people, Tupac as a new generation’s Fela, the importance of knowing one’s roots, and how Obama sonned him. - OKA

By the way, Fela Kuti > your favorite ignorant rapper.

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  • Tto

    By the way, Fela Kuti > your favorite ignorant rapper.

    lmfao, was that ever really in doubt?

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  • seems like a cool dude despite his obnoxious style of play and hip-hop foray


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