• HeadHoncho

    i like him, his delivery and voice reminds me a bit of XV.

  • http://www.mediafire.com/?a5uac8k203jqdur Johannes James Barfield

    yo shit is dope!!! yo if you need beats get at me, but i dont think you need em cause this shit is fresh kid

  • johnnyboy

    this shit is straight dope.

    all the tracks are great. as the person above me said shit is fresh

  • naoshad

    Don't Understand is a stand out. Soulful production and well written lyrics. I'm a fan!

  • hiphophead

    Tracks 5 and 6 are dooooope!!! But honestly, all tracks could be on repeat. Dude has been consistent with the quality of his music. Been a listener... quickly becoming a fan.


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  • Don Kennedy

    Never listened to him before but with a name and good looking pie like that on the cover, I had to give it a listen. I don't regret it, a lot of potential and talent.

  • chemdog

    He sounds like a more lyrical young roddy

  • engineering



    Been on Skewby for a while, all you guys check out More Or Less, just as good!