Media Gasface & Just Blaze – Just Did It (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka May 9, 2012

On May 23th, Just Blaze will celebrate Gasface’s 6th anniversary in the french crew’s hometown. A ideal occasion to pay homage to the New Jerusalem native.

Like he did on #Lookin4Galt, The Beast from the Alps DJ Green Giant laced la crème de la crème, with a word from Kanye and some exclusive interviews of Justin.

Did you know “Flipside” was first intended to Beyonce? Just reveals it. What’s the one beat RZA still wishes he had made? “Breathe.” Just did it. Building the most incredible house of hits of the 2000’s, without rapping? Again, Just did it. – Media Gasface

Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

  • Gjcjbxn

    Just might be the GOAT producer tbh.

  • KC


  • criesaftersex

    wait so is this a mixtape or just one long ass mp3?

  • nyc22

    JB, Alc, Premier, P.Rock, L.Pro, RZA, Eric B, Dre, Dilla, Kanye, Swizz, 9th, Havoc, HiTek… Let’s talk GOAT.

  • J Dilla is the GOAT…. he’s done way to much

    Just Blaze and Nottz are the best producers right now

  • Just so you know criesaftersex a mixtape originally was “A Long Ass MP3…” :|

  • Stay Frosty

    Just is def top 5 dead or alive, no Jada.

    Whoa whoa, which Dre we talking here? Before or after 2001 Dr. Dre? Cause I’m pretty sure he didn’t even produce half of 2001.

  • 2deep


    LOL. Yes, that is how mixtapes originally were. DJs used to do more than just tag the shit out of songs and host tapes.

  • Kim

    The beat RZA wished he made, wasnt Breathe it was “U dont know” go look it up in The Source!

  • DaTruth

    Just Blaze and Kanye ARE the GOAT producers. @ NYGiants They’ve BEEN surpassed Dilla. The dead get too much props. that’s the same reason dudes have stack bundles in their top 10.

  • Chris

    The fact that no one in the c-section mentioned Rick Rubin or Apollo Brown says a lot about you niggas, honestly Just Blaze is one of the greatest but now that I think about it Rick has a vast majority of hits (and not just in Hip-Hop). I don’t think people realise that he produced the entirety of Licensed To Ill and needless to say many other great projects.

  • J Dilla is 100 times a trendsetter than Just Blaze and Kanye West.. all the best producers today know whats good with J Dilla being the best producer ever and Just Blaze and Kanye know that…… J Dilla is the GOAT for way too many reason… one reason being he had way more range than both producers… there is nothing Kanye West and Just Blaze have done on the production that J Dilla hasn’t…. no vise versa… till this day J Dilla is the most imitated producer and his music had impact on not only hip-hop but many other genres…

  • and Dont come with that J Dilla only gets props cause he’s dead bullshit… cause you don’t see artists repping Stack Bundles or whoever like they do J Dilla… J Dilla’s legacy lives on cause he was really that dude… all the best artists stay repping J Dilla from Common, Mos Def, Kanye, Pharrell, Talib Kweli, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, Questlove, J Cole, Dj premier, Drake, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pete Rock and many many others today of all genres…. only J Dilla’s has had that type of affect on people with music… you can’t say the same for anyone else… Dilla took production further than any producers…

  • jimmy capo

    you new age pop niggas put kanye as the GOAT? Dude had his hands on Blueprint, after that garbage. Blaze been doing that work. fcuk that cornball swizz beatz. dre, rza, dilla, 9th, neptunes are all in top ten, knaye and swizz are bottom of that list.

  • nito

    just deserves his props he definitely one of he greatest to ever do it and still doing it.