Ab-Soul – Control System (Tracklist x Snippets)

blame it on Meka May 10, 2012

In less than 24 hours the next TDE project will be available for everyone to enjoy. Check what to expect thanks to X.

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  • ohhh yeah!!!

  • JChrome

    This a mixtape (free) or an album (paid)?

  • QZA

    i am currently busy bumping anything Brown Bag.. but this… this will take the spotlight easily!! fuck yeah SOUL-O! genius shit about to drop. word is bond

  • andOneill

    Bryan its a street album.! U will have to pay on iTunes.! Worth every cent , every song sounds brilliant .! Can’t wait for this shit, hopefully gets released at 12 tonight Europe time , gyeahh .!! SouloHoe.! Blacklipbastard.! TDE.!

  • thatrealshit

    godddd damn this just got me hype. hip hops not ready for black hippy man, this shit is next level

  • HIII

    Damn my TDE collection is getting bigger and bigger!

  • AngeloOrlando

    This shit’s not a mixtape. It’s an album. Not free.

  • Yo

    Absolutely not free. I’m going to be buying this tomorrow!

  • Boheen

    SOULO HO3!!

  • lilkandy

    The Book of Soul sounds like some heartfelt shit… damn this album’s gonna be amazing.

  • Juicy-G

    Bohemian Grove >>>>>>>>> FRIDAY HURRY UP!!!

  • Juicy-G

    Buying on iTunes tomorrow!!!

  • James

    when this shit dropping on itunes?

  • BobbyWhite

    9:00 PST, 12:00 East Coast time

  • AD

    he made a song called bohemian grove lmao……. But ya should look uo the bohemian grove…. TDE

  • Dr.Dave

    YES!!!! SOUL!!!

  • BringMoreHoes

    Kendrick sounds like a rapist sometimes I swear.

  • a

    I recognize the drums on 11. A Rebellion f. Alori Joh so much, where are they from?

    Can’t wait for this! I was a little dissapointed by the snippets but I’m always dissapointed and then shit grows on me, this will probably be among the top 5 albums of 2012

  • J.West

    Wow This Sounds Crazy, Soul’s Best Work. Can’t Wait To Bump This. TDE

  • AQ

    i think it’s Common – Forever Begins


    cant wait to dl it on piratebay org

  • AndOneill

    We get it in Europe before y’all 2 haha., can’t wait .! 7 hours and countin..

  • jrt123

    Hahaha I already got it.

  • Random Guy

    Why the fuck is Danny Brown on this? Dude is mad whack.

  • TrillaTrilla

    Track 2

  • james

    this shit on itunes or someplace else? i keep searching on itunes and aint shit pop up

  • MarkysBunch

    it’s up on atrilli

  • James

    appreciate it

  • HumanX

    This is gonna be the first album that ima purchase on itunes! This Real Word is Worth the pay! Ima have to check Ab out on June 15th when he out here!

  • Holy-Holyfield

    i couldn’t wait any longer i just downloaded it, buy i’m still gonna buy it tomorrow

  • Dorian

    I’m gonna buy it because I love TDE, but it’s really time for them to release some free material to give back to the fans, I mean every one of there albums since Black Friday (2010) I’ve paid for.

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn wish tmrw was today but purchasing and some of y’all “piratebay” smh and other dl link sites shit purchase it mofo’s it’s easily 7.99 or 5.99 like a fastfood swipe pay CHEAPASSES smh gotta support real musik with the nigga Soulo.

  • cant wait!!

    i love this man!! an yes im a guy

  • Shy

    “Why the fuck is Danny Brown on this? Dude is mad whack.”
    you kids sometimes, man…

  • AQ

    Danny Brown is the shit.

  • AQ

    Beautiful Death is my shit. Outkast-sample.

  • I want to see some production credits

  • m3

    @ AQ and @ a …the drums r from paul simon – 50 ways. Cudi, eminem, common, dj quik and mad others sampled it.

  • sharkahkhan

    rare legendary work right here

  • Jlew

    ITs a dope ass tape…strait smooth

  • Good looks on them credits

  • R927

    Curtiss King!