Debate: Does Obama Still Need Hip Hop? (Video)

blame it on Meka May 10, 2012

I’m not even sure what that question means, exactly, so I’ll let the Jump-Off producers tell it:

Barack Obama shouted out Young Jeezy at the White House Correspondents Dinner 2012: “In my first term, I sang Al Green. In my second term, I’ll sing Young Jeezy”. The panelists discuss Obama’s relationship with Hip Hop, the backlash he got for endorsing Common and should we expect to see Young Jeezy performing at the White House.

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  • President Barack

    talk about propaganda

  • plz plz plz stop showing these wack ass no music knowing ppl the jump off is a lame ass youtube channel fuck them sorry ass ppl iSpeak more on hip hop than these fags do

  • kamu

    All Barry needs is the council of 13. We are getting 4 more years and trust me that’s not a good thing. Obama needs hip hop Wtf stupid fucking morons. When was the last time or anytime that “hip hop” donated millions to his campaign like major corporations do. I know Barry Sotero doesn’t give a flying Fuck about our curture. Fuck Barry aka Obama

  • how much are they paying you meka!?!? how much?!?!?

  • hater

    meka and shake a bunch of fucking sellouts. they know these videos are fucking shit yet they keep posting em. you guys are bitches

  • marty mcfly

    @Kamu, Obama does need the young vote still and just so you know, Wiz Khalifa and a bunch of other rappers make way more money then Obama does. Obamas estimated wealth just barely reached ten million dollars recently. Romney on the other hand is worth 250 million and yet he wants to raise property taxes by more then 10% and he wants to make billion dollar cuts outta the education system in america and he wanst to do a long list of other things that will take the country backwards. Obama simply wants to raise taxes by 4% on the rich and wants to treat everybody equally. By Obama mentioning the hip hop community, he’s simply just showing that he sees the culture and is not totally removed from it.

  • phrayzermusic

    i like these videos.. but these particular one is quite dumb

  • kruudnude

    Obama is a fucking White Republican pig in disguise. He only reps Black Americans and shouts out rappers when he needs support. At first was all smiles getting support from Jay-Z and Kanye West then later to keep white ppl happy with him he calls Kanye a jackass? gtfo. This nigga makes moves like Beyonce.

  • illmatic27

    Does Obama Still Need Hip Hop?