• theBroKing

    still dont understand what point you were tryna get across *kanye shrug

  • stick to samples kid!!

    lol no wonder you gotta write for free on 2dbz

  • H(EYE)(EYE)(EYE)Power.

    soooooooo...im guessing you listened to control system yesterday too..

  • skeeeee

    this fool justice posts shit no one cares about....

  • Think for me

    ^^^^LOL i think everybody got that new ab-soul joint.

    on another note, i feel like these rappers complaining about the government were a bit on the whiny side. i was raised to take responsibility for my own actions so i couldnt relate to these guys blaming the world around them.
    food for thought: unfairness is a perspective, so when you see the glass as half empty, the next person will be wondering why youre complaining over a half full glass.

  • *kanye shrug

    U.N. Agenda 21, NDAA, National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order...wake up.

  • the realest

    co-sign think for me 1000%

    thats the shit they dont understand. i get too hot when i see grown ass niggaz still whiny about whats not fair like they 8yrs old. but some ppl just dont understand. glad some ppl on here got they mind right.

  • TheFuckingTruth

    What, did Shake ask you to write a 4 paragraph essay that managed to say absolutely nothing in 600 words or less? Stick to trying to drop witty comments under music videos, because actual writing clearly isn't your thing.

  • Suff


  • keep allah in our hearts

    life is what u make it

  • Rock

    Topic aside, good look on the Rebel S1W look! My first rap concert was Geto Boys headlining with P.E. and Naughty opening. Seeing P.E. live in its heyday is something I'll take with me to the grave. Good shit.

  • rez

    "I was definitely a rebel that went against the grain."


  • huh

    ^^^^^"a rebel that went against the grain"
    so a rebel that went against being a rebel?

  • ThaMalcontent310

    Good post my dude, its easy to critique someone else's work, like the folks in this here c section. But its a lot more difficult to put pen to pad and express thought worth mentioning...Do ya thing boy

  • Colin

    your so dope shake, keep this coming, behold a pale horse is my favorite most inspirational book i have ever read. more people need to polish there 3rd eyes.

  • gbreeze

    I got mad respect for you. Behold a Pale Horse was the beginning for me as well. This shit out here is a real life matrix.

    @thebroking, nigga u must be on boxden LOL

  • Rasan

    Another good on is "The Unseen Hand" by A. Ralph Epperson. Those that forget history are bond to repeat it. Feeling free is a good thing but don't forget what it took to get to that state.

  • marty mcfly

    This the thing about conscious rap, some artists are waving that flag which is cool cause I like substance records as much as the next person but if you gonna claim to be on some spiritual, intellectual, socially awaked shit then I think some rappers need to realize when they sending mixed messages in songs. Shit aint gotta get super deep on record and I know mixing positive with negative messages in hip hop is nothing new but at least make some real points throughout a song if conscious rap is the lane you want to be in. Like Common said when he made A Song For Assata, sometimes you gotta really research what you speakin on cause if you have titles like Bohemian Grove on your album then you should at least touch on the subject in depth a little. Just saying but overall that was my only complaint with the Ab Soul Project so its no big deal really. I just believe this type of rap is something you gotta really live and believe not just something you make some money off of cause if thats the case then you got other more commercial lanes to choose from thats easier cause it takes alot less skill to do. One

  • BNG General

    a break from the norm...good lookin!!! as 4 the jerks with the negative comments...guess your 3rd eyes still closed...go find a 2 Chainz song to listen to, maybe that will enlighten ur stupid ass!

  • Truth

    Damn when will Marty realize no one cares for his opinion

  • Druggid

    Mzrty pretty much said what I was thinkin'. Great post, it's always nice to see someone with a respect and understanding of hip-hop.
    On a side note, it's funny to see people criticize your writing with misspelled comments and no punctuation at all, shows how what they say is pretty much meaningless.