brandUn DeShay – Your Favorite Mixtape 2 (FreEP)

blame it on Meka May 11, 2012

Earlier this week brandUn produced, recorded and mastered his latest project in 24 hours. Here is the end result. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Juelz brandAna Freestyle f. Rich Nice, Machine, Timakee, J Pizzy, Graphik, Zemed & Jamie Mundaca
2. SHAY.$.A.P Rocky Freestyle f. G.L.C
3. DeClipse Freestyle
4. Chief KeeShay Freestyle f. Calez and Alex Wiley
5. Shay Dilla_PharCHI Freestyle f. Aris P!
6. Kendrick DeMar Freestyle f. HiClas
7. MF dUn Freestyle
8. Slim DeShady Freestyle
9. brandUn DeShay Is Not Pharrell Freestyle f. Mike SuperCold
10. Calid B Outro

DOWNLOAD: brandUn DeShay – Your Favorite Mixtape 2 (FreEP)

  • Rozko

    So former Odd Future members are ok…?

  • :P

    ^You’re kidding, right…?

  • JaySpaceE

    You must be new, BrandUn has always got love here. Take the shit elsewhere OF doesn’t even bring it up anymore so why should you?!

  • Rozko

    Both of you can eat dicks….im pointin out how silly it is for them to not post OF’s shit? “Rella” and “Ny Ned FLander” are way better than anything they’ve posted within the past few months

  • :P

    “Rella” and “Ny Ned FLander” are way better than anything they’ve posted within the past few months.
    oh really now?

  • hahahaha

    I remember when I rode odd futures dick…^^

  • V

    I agree with Rozko, well not the last part, but why is it “Ok” for 2dope to post former members like DeShay and Casey Veggies? Just bury the hatchet 2dope, no need to put pride before the matter. Odd Future are making some of the best music out.

    But to the FreEP, I’m loving brandUn DeShay’s music man, he’s seriously underrated. Nice Post.

  • It’s okay for them to post it because it’s THEIR blog. No explanations needed.

  • Don Kennedy

    ^Tell em!

  • johnnyboy

    odd future is for 15 year olds who want to seem cool

  • lolwut


    yo i was fuckin with your comment until i read this

    “Odd Future are making some of the best music out.”

    fuck outa here nigga

  • 2

    honestly these days over half the shit posted on here blows. i get home from work to scroll through 50 posts of shitty/average artists. good thing there’s an endless supply of old school shit to listen to.

  • bred

    he said of making the best music he must not know who hov is

  • VinylVann

    @ 2 Go youtube Stann Smith & P3-HeartagraM….these are 2 dope new niggas, but I agree the majority of shit 2DBZ post are average except (TDE)

  • the rap bandit

    Odd Future didn’t get any love from this site. They made their own blog bigger than all the ones that didn’t support them. At the end of the end, most artist who are not getting love should have followed exactly what they did. They are headlining festivals.

  • realtalk

    i fucks with OF n TDE. i do think 2dope should post OF shiit but if they dnt wanna they dnt gotta. but i agree, most shiit on here is average.

  • 2

    @VinylVann – checked them out and they’re pretty dope thanks. these days been too busy listening to panacea, del the funky homosapien/deltron 3030, restoring poetry in music, digable planets…to look for new stuff

  • C-los

    Not 1 comment abt the music…. smh. I doubt complaining abt ppl complaining will solve anything

  • Walkie Talkie

    you want a comment about the music? lol if niggas think deshay really produced, recorded, and mastered this project in 24hrs then i feel sorry for yall.

  • bullets

    a 24hr EP? Thats hard work wonder if this shit is any good or if this is some more Lil B type bs… People get props for making a mixtape every week nowadays even if the shit sucks..

  • j

    that cover art tho >>>> eminem, doom, tyler the creator ?, and ASAP

  • 2qwer4tyui

    ^ tyler? i’d rather say Pharrel lol

  • lars

    i came in here to see the comments to find out if this tape dope or not
    BUT you niggas in here bitching about corny ass OF smh stfu they will never get posted here, go follow they tumblr’s if you wanna follow they music

  • Lo Side Success

    I just came to the comments to see wtf the cover is about….to no avail. Shrug life.

  • NoWuff

    @Lo same herrr

  • JosephFatherOFJesus