A (2)Dope Podcast (5.12.12)

blame it on Meka May 12, 2012

I’ll be honest: I haven’t been able to do a (2)Dope Radio show in a minute partly because I hardly have the time to do the travel to and fro the radio station in Brooklyn and my current dwellings in Harlem, and partly because I’m too lazy to do said travel. While I hope that changes this summer (I’m moving to Brooklyn within the next two weeks) it probably won’t because, well, I’m lazy as fuck. So instead I may try to drop these “bedroom sessions” at least once a month to appease those that ask about the show, until I get off my ass and actually do a show.

Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory f. Jay-Z
2. Nas – NY State Of Mind II
3. N*E*R*D – God Bless Us All
4. Skeme – Don’t Lose Focus
5. ScHoolboy Q – My Homie
6. Young Jeezy – Rumor Has It f. Pharrell Williams
7. Jay-Z – People Talkin’
8. Dom Kennedy – Miss Donna Karan
9. Outkast – The Mighty O
10. Oliver Sain – On The Hill
11. Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love
12. Menahan Street Band – Tired Of Fighting
13. Beanie Sigel – Bread & Butter
14. Camp Lo – Black Connect 3
15. Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray
16. Galt MacDermot – Space
17. Kanye West – Good Morning
18. Roc Marciano – Emeralds
19. Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul (Jota Flowers Remix) f. Jay Electronica
20. Mary J Blige – Sincerity f. DMX
21. Nas – Daughters
22. Mary J Blige – I’m Goin’ Down (Bad Boy Remix)
23. Nas – Warrior Song f. Alicia Keys (9th Wonder’s God’s Stepson Remix)
24. Jay Electronica – Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) f. Tone Treasure
25. John Legend – She Don’t Have To Know
26. Lauryn Hill – I Used To Love Him f. Mary J Blige
27. Re-Up Gang – Ni*gas Know
28. Rich Boy – Lost Girls f. Keri Hilson & Rock City
29. Game – Gentleman’s Affair f. Ne-Yo
30. Rich Kidd – Ridin’ Solo f. Steve Jlin
31. A$AP Rocky – Brand New Guy f. ScHoolboy Q
32. Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal f. Gunplay
33. Kanye West – Paranoid f. Mr. Hudson

DOWNLOAD: A (2)Dope Podcast (5.12.12)

  • Thanks for this homie!

  • Dope shit!

  • Cee

    It’d be nice to hear some dialogue. Opinion pieces about current news, culture, and even getting some emcees in the booth, i know its been done already..but you are in NY. Good shit tho!


    Good look.

  • halah

    nah, fuck that don’t talk, just play some music, don’t turn this into hot 97…

  • Flextion

    Yea, we don’t care about what these bloggers have to say about issues and topics. They’re here to feed us music, not give us there uneducated opinion. Word up.

    • > They’re here to feed us music, not give us there uneducated opinion.


  • Cloud 9

    ^^ that’s an uneducated sentence. lol its “Their” homie.

  • Ash

    Dope! Thanks from South Africa

  • big freaking deal, do you think we really needed yet another medicore mixtape of all played out songs? Secondly how you gonna have Rich Kidd and Kanye west on this and not Lil Wayne AKA Weezy F Baby AKA Carter Carter Carter Carter? U my friend are a PaTH-Head, which in street slang in Brighton New Jersey means pathetic head. Son now I rep Dirty Jerz. Ever hear of it? New Jeruz? Bet you dont know about real boomb bap hip hop…I mean, look you have pharrell and nerd on your mixtape. DMX? Jay-Z? seriously dude, get with the program./ Its all bout YMCMB. sWAG. and you my friend do not have a drip drip drop. LoOzER

  • YaLL KnOw Mw. StiLL ThE SamE O.G.. yALL Know Me. I dO iT hARDER tHan u Gee. Dont Know Me?> I still be WrEcKiN iSHt. i Be ReAL hIp Hop In 2012. Son U dOnT kNoW. i GoT rACkS on rAcKs On raCkS oN rAckS oN rACkS oN rAcKs. Whadd u GoT? nUffIN. I gOt STrEeT ssLAnG. i SpIT stReeT ParABlEs. WhAt You SPiT? fLem sOn. No ONe Got DiZ hIp hOP Down To a ScIenze. PeACe TO SHakE AND pEace To MekA aND pEacE tO gHOst Of Shake. YaLL KnOw I bE BiFFin On YaLL. JuST hAViN FuN. yALL bE RePPin Hip Hop Hard On tHe Net anD I gOt mAD LoVE fOr YalL. I Am ThRoWin A pARTy SoOn At My NeW lAB. i Want yAllZ To ComE. wE gOnnA HavE mAD bIddiES COMInG. MaybE iF yOU cAN BrINg Some LaDeeS AnD wE cAN Swap. AlSo SinCe I am mAKiNg Mad DoUgH wiTh mY DVD SerIes, HoOD tRiFE, i WanT tO mAKE a DoNatiOn tO 2DoPeBoYz. HoW cAN i Do ThAT? pEACe tO shAKE aND MuCH lOvE to Meka. Sons Is ReAl HoT rIght NoW., jUst pLay SOmE mOrE WeeZy. I lOve YaLL. HiP hOP 4 lYfE. ymCmB 4 LiFe. No OnE cAN dO dIs BlOg iShT BeTTa tHan Da 2DoPe BoyZ iN dA cADDiLLac,.pEacE tO cATs WHo RoCk mack kNowlEGdGe KnOwLEDGING. nO oNE Can DO IT BEttA. cAN i Get A WhOoP wHoOP FOR aLL dEM hONiEs Who Be SpeNdIn mAh MoNey On Dat Fly Isht, hOLLa HoLlA iTz MuRdA …..mUrDah gRAm. YaLLz LiKE muRdAh Inc? ReMEmBa ThE G-UnIt AnD mUrDa InC bEEf? YalL KnOW mE sTiLL The sAMe OG. Yo DuKeS SeRiOuSlY? YaLL KNoW mE? WhO eLse yOu KnOW wHo Be LiGHtIN cOhIbaS oFf dEy New vIkInG sTOvE? iTs ThE uNtOuChABlE. R-O-B-B-I-E M-A-Y-N-A-R-D T-H-E I-I-I. YaLL kNoW mE. stIll The Sam,E oG/ Yo SeRiOuSLy ThOUgh, mAD FLy hOnEyS bE LiKe Yo RoBBiE, i wanT tO lIcK yA lIkE a LoLLy Popp. They Say I WaNNa LiCk U lIkE a LoLLy Pop. If dA bIddIeS aInT sAYiN dAT dEn ThEy SayIn HoW mANy LicKS dOes It Take Or THeY bE lIke PeacHes anD cREam. YaLL KnOw? PeacE to Shake AnD MeKa, One LovE,
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  • factormax

    if you do opinion pieces and talking and shit don’t mix it in the music. this is a nice playlist to let ride on my itunes, even though i have alot of the songs. concentrated shuffle, word up.

  • ike

    yea like others said PLEASEEE do not talk, i burn all this mixes for the whip when im driving, and id be damn sure be mad when i start listening to someone’s opinion, I ALREADY HAVE MY OWN.