Saturday Night Sexy: Kim Lee

blame it on Illy May 12, 2012

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  • mhmmm mhmmm mhmmm….story time!

  • Mr. 354

    let em have it scott…

  • smhakemydickhead

    they couldnt cover up that big ass wart under her bottom lip?

  • Hulk Smash

    The best one yet… absolutely gorgeous.

  • Silver Surfer

    Just one night….. Just one.

  • Alexandhisthirdleg

    On a dark, stormy night, a young buck by the name of Alex had just finished a rather hefty, carb-filled dinner. He thought to himself, “Man, do I need to workout right now or what?” And so, he changed into a loose pair of basketball shorts and an almost-tight, cutoff T-shirt. After a short drive to the gym, Alex started stretching for his upper body workout. He noted that he was alone, save for this fine ass woman in the corner on a treadmill.
    He begun with a shoulder and bicep superset, and between breaks, he noticed this bodacious and dazzling woman staring at his bulging arms. When he caught her eye, she quickly looked away, turning red. After his third set, he went to an unoccupied bench press and grabbed four 45s and put two on each side. As he was sitting down, he noticed the woman’s eyes – a light brown – widen with amazement at the amount of weight he put on. Alex grunted with each repetition, finishing on the tenth. Alex moved to the pull-up bar, and busted out 20 close-grip pull-ups. As he dropped down, he felt a light tap on his shoulder.
    “Excuse me, sir,” this goddess of a woman said, “would you mind helping me with my squats?”
    “Of course.” Alex replied casually, his pulse slightly quickening at the thought of his hands on her tight waist. As Alex followed her to the squat bar, she told him her name is Kim. Alex stood a foot behind her and placed his hands on her the back of her hips, just barely touching her butt. What she didn’t know was this type of contact for squats was totally unnecessary. As she went down and up, he felt her ass tighten and slightly jiggle. His penis had started to harden with blood, but a quick thought of Rick Ross naked made it die down a bit. Alex appreciated the perfect amount of meat on this girl; there was enough to hold on to, but not enough to be unattractive. As she finished her set, she quickly turned around, swinging her arms in a fan-like fashion. Her fingers brushed the head of his dick through his shorts, and they locked eyes. Kim looked down at his slight bulge and winked at him.
    Kim walked up to the bar again and rested it on her shoulders. She asked Alex to go on the other side and look at her from the front to see if she was doing it right. She quickly dropped down, making her solid D’s bounce in her belly-exposing tank. Alex couldn’t help but stare. As his line of sight met her face, she was looking at him with a sly smile. She knew what he wanted. Kim quickly strolled over and grabbed his quickly hardening cock with just enough force to make it pleasurable. “I’ve wanted you since you walked in that door. And I will have you,” Kim whispered in his ear.
    He felt a hand slide in his shorts and slowly stroke his penis. He kissed her and pinched her left nipple through her tank top. As he switched hands, a soft moan in his ear set his body on fire.
    Alex grabbed a hold of Kim and roughly pushed her up against a wall, while she wrapped her legs around his waist. The combination of her rapidly moving tongue and her hands running through his hair gave him a full-blown erection. He felt his shorts being pulled down and a familiar grip on his now rock-hard cock. Alex lowered Kim and He pushed her head down to his dick, and he watched her lips part to welcome his third leg. She cupped his balls and kissed the base of his penis. After three minutes, Alex had enough. He wanted the woman to truly experience the beast.
    They both stripped naked and cleared remaining weights. Alex ordered Kim to lay supine on the bench he had used earlier. Alex grasped Kim’s ankles and spread her legs, exposing her shaved pussy. Alex bent to spit on her cunt, and slipped in his middle and ring finger. Her back arched as he gyrated his hand, sending spasms throughout her body. She came within seconds, due to Alex’s mastery of the female reproductive organ. Sensing her pussy wet enough to enter, Alex slid his veiny cock into her. He started slow, but gradually picked up the pace, watching her beautiful breasts sway with each thrust.
    After five minutes, they switched positions. Alex laid on the mat, while the Kim sucked on his dick for two minutes. Then he had Kim sit on his cock, with her front facing him. She rode him like a pro. Kim suddenly leaned forward while shifting her pelvis forward and backward, sending messages of pleasure throughout Alex’s body. Kim’s bosoms blocked his field of vision, but he did not care one bit; these titties were perfect. He changed from motor boating to nipple sucking with ease.
    After a blissful eleven minutes, they stood up. Alex bent Kim over, slipping his ever-hard dick back into her pussy. But, he didn’t feel the same satisfaction as before. He took it back out and she looked back at him with a quizzical expression. Alex tilted his penis up a bit and put his head into her ass. She shrieked in surprise and tried to resist, but Alex couldn’t be stopped. He grabbed her perfect love handles and didn’t let go until his entire cock was inside her. Kim soon gave in, and loosened up.
    “What’s up buddy?!?”
    The two twisted in surprise at the intruder’s voice. It was Alex’s good friend (and earlier boner killer) Rick Ross.
    “Mind if I join?” the bawse asked.
    “Sure dude, I can’t fuck all these holes at once!” Alex replied.
    Kim bent over and waited for Ross to slip his fat, yet majestic cock in her. Ross lubed up for quicker access and went to town. Alex fucked her mouth and him and Ross synchronized their insertions and high fived every now and then. They switched holes in five minutes, and continued the festivities. Alex decided he’d had enough anal for one day, but Kim kept badgering him to go harder. Annoyed, Alex pulled out and quickly stuck his large penis in her asshole just for spite. She screamed, in pain or pleasure Alex had no idea. She tried to get away, but she knew it was futile. She gave in once more and started to enjoy herself.
    A few minutes later, Alex and Ross suddenly locked eyes and each man knew what the other was thinking. It was time. A true friendship was built on this moment. As if guided by the gods, both men pulled out of their respective hole and turned their cocks toward Kim. Alex and Ross released their dude juice simultaneously on the girls facs and sighed with exhaustion. Kim was a little angry for not being warned, but Alex and his best friend didn’t care. In fact, they dick slapped Kim to add insult to injury. The men got dressed and walked out, never pausing to thank the bitch or give her their numbers for future fucks. Rozay met Alex at his house and drank a couple beers with lobster bisque.

    The janitor in the video surveillance room cleaned himself up and buckled his pants. Seeing the dirty floors, he went back to work but was still shaking with excitement. He had just witnessed a sex-god among men.

  • yo bitches side nigga


    Now rinse.. Lather.. Repeat..


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    Niceee!!! Now where’s scumbag scott?

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    Meh ok body busted face I’d hit….one time

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    I LIKE

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    The Saturday night sexy’s were getting pretty wack but this story definitely makes it funny

  • lion

    damm that whole rick ross shit ruine the story for me… but where’s scumbagscott

  • j

    I get annoyed at chicks who advertise the bunny tattoo, but are way too conservative to ever do a PB spread. She’s aight, but always heavily shopped.

  • wut thee

    This dude got fantasies with rick ross in it? CTfU

  • who cares


  • Where are u scumbag

    Can someone get Scumbag Scott out here?! This other nigga’s story sucks.. Not cleverly written to make it hilarious, and this nigga put Rick Ross in… Complete shit story..

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    hhahahha alex the rick ross part was fucking classic

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    Is it me or is her butt too full for an asian female? Whoop Whoop! Me like me wanna stick my pinky in her stinky!

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    ScuuuumBaaaag, dont make attentions to this waanaabee.

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    No scumbag?????

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    I see this lady and Tia Carrere’s name comes to mind.

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    PPl R talkin ’bout some of these girls being whack – Ive noticed the diversity in females. Bigs 2 u Shake, intelligent brotha here caught on to yur style. Hope we see a dark skinned hottie soon. Theyr all #2dope! No one on here can get any of these girls … even in yur wildest fantasies!

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    hmm I wonder what her skin actually looks like

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    scumbag scott is on youtube ;o look it upand hes famous

  • Oh wow.. another air brushed chick with a million in surgery… you can tell from the comments who has a chick at home, and who doesn’t.,lol..fucking nerds.

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    I would trap the shit out that bitch. Have a baby by me baby, & be on welfare!!!

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    This is the first one that I just didn’t want to end…DAMN!!!!

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    Yes please.

    Damn she’s gorgeous.

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