Jay-Z’s Budweiser Made In America Music Festival Press Conference (Video)

blame it on Meka May 14, 2012

I woke up after this live stream had finished, but RapDose was able to rip the entire thing for those that missed it like I did. Hilarious as that still shot is, it’s always nice to see a couple former Roc-A-Sociates link back up every once in a while.

  • LuckLeft

    LOL LOOK AT FREE! Jay knows to keep that hood shit to the side..”nigga i had a plus 1, b wit the baby an Ye ain’t picking up the phone, U where already here so…yea”

  • mugen

    lmao..dude looks mad as f*ck!

  • shakeisGey

    Welcome to White America, Jay.

  • ddave

    Fucked up how Freeway is all the way to the opposite of Jay-Z and the people he’s with. Shady as fuck.

  • LAKlocwork

    Those last 45 seconds should be “Random Acts Of Fuckery” haha! “we gon’ take a picture free, get outta the way” ahaha!

  • Tiiz

    Dear Freeway,
    I’m saying this as a fan… please stop playin’ yourself.

  • Chris Butta

    I mean…I see the vision but Budwiser to “PUSH EDUCATION”??? Granted they have done great shows in the past but BEER and EDUCATION just doesnt sound right to me.. Its wierd understanding J and NOT understanding J at the same time…

  • jay needed to have meek come through too… and maybach o while he was at it.

  • Jay-Z loves white people… Jay-Z loves selling out to corporations….. next thing you know he will auction off his rap name to the highest bidder.. something like Geico Hov

  • Jumpman23

    Man that was just cold, he gave Free that move out of the way tap. Why have him on the stage to make a fool of himself? Cooooooold.

  • xastey

    lol free’s face.. priceless

  • INS

    aw, ye, agree with LAKlocwork and Jumpman23.. he did give that tap..

  • INS

    that still shot IS hilarious, says so much..

    and on the other hand; free coulda been there, chin up smiling and played his part on stage – obviously he wasn’t gonna be in that photo thats the shareholders etc, maybe he intended to keep it moving, but from the body language to the dress code does freeway not just look like an angry child ?

  • esco

    son ya’ll peep the masonic grip?

  • Damn I Think Beans Is Going 2 Be In Jail By Then And Yea IDK What Free Was Thinking.

  • Freeway is not part of this project. I can understand why he stepped away from being in the photo. He doesn’t want to look like a showoff by claiming he is a part of a project he is not really a part of.

    I was actually expecting to see Jay with Beanie Sigel. That would have been great.



  • king me

    Damn jay pushed em out the way!! COLD