Rick Ross – Touch ‘N You f. Usher

blame it on Shake May 14, 2012

Ursher returns the favor by assisting Ross with the new single off God Forgives, I Don’t, which drops July 31st.

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  • basedboy

    this is the album i’ve been waiting for. rick ross is the future over everything

  • Polka

    Thats a single alright.

  • lol

    I expect a album with like 12 songs 3 or 4 features on each trach,Classic album my ass.

  • lol


  • Based


  • professa vento

    this is that track. who produce it

  • marty mcfly

    ross jawline is a work of art.

  • Man, That’s messed up

    He hasn’t made a “classic” album yet so why expect it?

  • HeartLesx

    ITS A COOL SONG……not a hit tho

  • lol

    @Man, That’s messed up

    He said on twitter that it was a classic & his best album yet.

  • Thinker


    He also said he sold dope & portrayed this image of being some kind of drug lord when he was nothing more than a cop.

  • preach


    i see you hatin, but you aint gettin money

  • Polka

    Better be some actual Dre(not Dre of Cool & Dre) production on the album tho.

    Unless they were just giving gifts and kind words to each other down in Miami.

  • SMh

    Ehhhh Teflon Don was a Classic what are you talkin about!???

  • alex



  • jrt123

    Classic really is the most overused term in hip-hop. Ross won’t drop a classic album but it should be solid as long as he doesn’t oversaturate it with Meek Mill, Wale etc and BMF sounding beats.

  • Ryno

    Touch ‘N You means touch and you… smdh *touchin’* Life isn’t fair when dumb fucks like Rozay make more money than I ever will

  • SMh

    Y’all old ass niggas need to accept Hip-Hop for what it is now.Muthafuckas want Illmatics & Midnight Marauders from artist today & you’ll never get it!lol kill yo self!Telfon Don in Todays Hip Hop was a fuckin Classic!(Free Mason,Tears of Joy,LiveFast Die young C’mon Bro)Shit was hotter than Jay’s last 3 albums.Give credit wheres its do & get off the golden era hip hop stage its gone,if you love the culture you’ll adapt when it does;or listen to Jazz.

  • Swerve


  • lol

    Ross doest have a “Classic” album.His best album is “Trilla” My favorite ross alnum is still “Port Of Miami” Tho. None of them are classics but Trilla is his best put together album. Telfon done was nothing more than a album with a bunch of radio songs & Lex Luger beats. Tears of Joy was the only song worth mentioning on that entire album.Shit aint evn sound like a album just sounded like a bunch of radio tracks thrown together. Fuck outta here.

  • SMh

    Telfon’s by far his best put together album!full of Radio songs???O’ cause its features are R.Kelly,T-pain,Dj Khalid,Birdman,& lil wayne???O’ wait thats trilla T.D. featured the likes of cee-lo,erykah badu,stlyes p, & Ye…Radio artist(?)gtfho.When you refer to radio album your talking about 3 songs I’m not a star,MC Hammer & BMF(song of that year)YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE

  • sundurz


    You have no idea what Dubstep is! Educate yourself please, you’re making yourself look ignorant.

  • audiodope

    Ehh, songs alright. If he wanted a song for the ladies, he should’ve just put “Mine Games” ft. Kelly Rowland from Rich Forever out as a single instead of this. He said GFID is going to be all new material, I’m hoping so. GFID hopefully won’t turn out to be a highly antipacated lackluster album as Carter 3 and BP3 were. The songs produced by Alchemist and Dre, that supposed “legendary” song with Jay-Z and hopefully a Maybach Music IV will help out the album.

  • rezo

    niggas arguing ova officer rozay albums? fuck is up wit you niggas b?

  • Timothy

    This dood is going have a DISCOGRAPHY of 40 Albums that didn’t amount to anything Lmao HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .

    I will never get tired of 90’s Hip Hop Albums that were certified
    C L A S S I C S .

  • Based

    Yall stfu Ross has no classic albums at all


    @ryno “Touch ‘N You means touch and you… smdh *touchin’* Life isn’t fair when dumb fucks like Rozay make more money than I ever will”

    i guess 2pac is a dumb fuck too then. cause he had a song called “thug n me” in which he said “maybe its the thug in me”. its called slang. dickhead. get over it.

  • Dolo

    @Ryno Stop bitching in blog comments and focus that energy to your real life hustle/career goals. Nobody is stopping you from making a lot of money.

  • Randy

    @ryno clearly youre the dumb fuck. there is no apostrophe after the n. only in place of the i. you dont deserve to make more money.

  • Dolo

    Teflon Don is a great album, a classic in these times imo also. Deeper Than Rap & Teflon Don at the very least are as close as you can get to a classic without being one. Trilla? That was his most negatively revived album by far, whoever said that just did to sound “left field” with his opinion.

  • fastflipper

    u dont do a classic album with a feat on every album

    even worst when they all outshine you



  • Dolo

    @Randy ..damn that ether

    @fastflipper …a feat on every album, or every song? Slow down next time. Number 1, there isn’t a feature one every song. 2, half of the features are hook only, which really doesn’t count since they don’t have verses. 3, where is this rule book that says an album can’t be a classic because it has a lot of features?

  • Homie J

    first single from GFID is reject song from Usher’s new CD…GTFOH this is a fail

  • nddnsdasd

    ross always had alot of feeatures jus nw less songs so everyone realizes it more….last two albuma close to classics but no beuno

  • Suck Me

    @Ryno cause he hustles harder than you ever will

  • Thinker

    ay i appreciate the help but i dont need people pulling a marty mcfly on my ass (no homo, i know that marty troll fiends for ammo like that) Rick Ross about to drop a classic! either that or another number one! MMG!!!!!

  • will

    Fuck hip-hop Ross got street classics. Frank Ocean shouldve been on this track instead of Usher.

  • wtf

    @thinker can tell you niggas are strictly house niggas. go outsise or get sum pussy or something.getchu sum money. nigga your name aint no fuckn thinker you stay on the internet too fucking much thats your fuckin government or something lololo you niggas funny style.

  • DaWa

    I expected that single with Jay that will be better than Free mason…WTF is this shit? Ross trollin…classic my ass

  • RSX

    Deeper Than Rap was classic……………

  • JD

    Deeper Than Rap was a classic. Co-sign @ RSX. Ross never mmisses with the albums


    what a surprise another mmg song with a feature

    its easy to see what they do

  • marty mcfly

    @Thinker, Ross is NOT gonna drop a classic album. He mite make a good album but Ross aint gonna all of a sudden transform to that type of artist. He did like 4 albums already and if you count mixtapes then thats like 8 albums at this point so if he dont have a classic by now it aint gonna happen. Most time artists 1st or 2nd album mite be considered classic but after that if they aint had one by then they never will.

  • Faggots

    The fuck can niggas say what the fuck is classic & what isnt? Who the fuck do you think you are nigga? Just cause you dont consider something CLASSIC doesnt mean someone else doesnt. Shit is all opinion at the end of the day.Dont like it? Kill yourself. I dont think Reasonable Doubt is Classic & guess what aint shit nobody can say to ever get me to feel any different because its MY fucking opinion.You niggas just enjoy the fucking music and shut the fuck up.

  • marty mcfly

    Funny how some of you gotta hide behind different names lol. Pussies, anyway the word classic is in the dictionary usually is described with synonyms like perfect, timeless, highest excellence, priceless, ageless, legendary, superior, Unparalleled, incomparable, transcendent, remarkable, exemplary, extraordinary etc etc etc… You can still hear traces of most the hip hop classics in songs that come out today from the production to the lyrics even by artists that weren’t even born when the style they use their music was. Basically a classic gotta change the game FOREVERRRRRRRR

  • marty mcfly

    Or atleast change the game for a decade or so, now go listen to your fucking Asap Rocky or your fucking J Cole or K Dot and STFU you little punks.

  • Devin


    I bet your lil bitch ass feel tough behind that computer screen huh? I’ll put that pistol to your bitch ass & make you strip butt booty ass nekkid in the middle of the street lil pussy ass.

  • marty mcfly

    Hey Internet thug, your imaginary pistol dont work on the computer bitch. Why dont you go aim your little water gun on youtube or something cause you aint never gonna kill nothing or let nothing die kid lol. And replace K Dot with Kid Cruddy cause atleast he made the HiiiPower song.

  • JPM

    If Deeper Than Rap isn’t a classic album than you need to reevaluate what you consider classic… Is the 90’s albums the only classics? Cause you sound ignorant..

  • brandon

    @Marty Mcfly @Devin <——- Internet Gangtas

  • Devin

    Your hoe ass better leave Kendrick name out your mouth thats all i know.

  • Devin

    Put that flame on your hoe ass.

  • marty mcfly

    Whatever nigga, you aint no hitman for fucking Kendrick fool so go talk that gun shit on another website punk cause you never will in reality. Go get killed by somebody who is actually active in that life nigga cause you on the computer. @ JPM, everything from track 1-7 on that album was dope, ill give you that but I think Ross gotta talk more about life situations for the classic label.

  • Devin

    Can tell this bitch never been in the streets a day in his life. Its killas all ova the net. “you on computer” like real niggas dont on computers. Im Gucci out here nigga. See me in 3d.

  • Devin

    Just keep Dot name out your dick suckers you aint out here know shit bout this tde shit bitch.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Im done on that note cause once you said its killas all over the internet I started laughin so hard cause I know your type. Listen kid stay in school and stop listening to Gucci and Alley Boy cause that shit got you internet bangin talking bout you out here. LOL nigga got a computer outside while living his gangsta tales LOL… God help these niggas

  • Chris

    Touch N You omg how boring

  • “on another website”

    Says the newest troll on 2dope. What are you? A c section moderator? When you going to another website? Im still trying to figure out when the troll known “marty mcfly” just suddenly start appearing on 2dope.

  • fresh87

    Ya’ll niggas are funny,over there arguing about a nigga that doesn’t even know you exist lol.Ross makes good music,the nigga knows how to brand himself as a artist,and market his music.Personally,i think telfon don was a classic,and all his others have been really soild,the man has been consistent for past couple of years,and he’s nich.GFID could be a classic,he’s starting off the right way this song,this song is gonna get alot of spins on the radio.

  • If you’re talking “rappers” than it is killers on internet. Just because you spend your life on a website 24/7 doesnt mean it isnt people actually active in the streets because you arent. My homie just did 5 years for a shooting incident @ a club. He has a computer & a twitter.So he’s not a thug? You wouldnt tell him that because your safe in the comfort of your home & dont know what goes on in the real world.

  • marty mcfly

    No he’s not a thug either so tell him next to just kill his enemy instead of simply having an “incident” but first tell him to get his Steinbergs(lawyers) together and get his money up and if they well known he’ll prolly just do a couple months instead of 5 years. #1- 900- killa101 for you aspiring Killas out there LOL

  • Fiend

    Agree with Skletch… ScHoolBoy Q,Jay Rock,Chief Keef,Alley Boy,Waka & Gucci are all gangsters that own computers & twitter accounts… Q even blogs from time to time… Just because YOU arent about that life doesnt mean the next man isnt.

  • southern hospitality

    marty mcfag = broke no pussy getting troll that still lives at home with his mommy. please disreguard anything spoken from that username.lamest dude on this earth yo, i swear.

  • factormax

    sounds alot like diplo. i don’t really fuck with it, but for a single about a bitch it’s not bad at all.

  • who dat

    sounds a little homo , but a lot of yall diggin it. hmm

  • 3much4uhoes

    Ross can drop a classic hes top 5 in the game right now. If you can’t see that you need to wake up. Dude is too nice. It’s only a matter of time before he drops one he gets better every album.

  • Thinker

    @wtf —Did this bitch really call me a house nigga? To imply that is to imply that youve seen all of my comments you fucking house nigga.

  • Ross bring out the hate in folk for real. Music is all we really after people….

  • KB Michaelz tho