Chief Keef – Understand Me f. Young Jeezy

blame it on Illy May 15, 2012

Oblock meets Zone 1.

DOWNLOAD: Chief Keef – Understand Me f. Young Jeezy

  • James

    how can people listen to this and like it

  • whackAF

    Is this a fucking joke? mumbling on a track and shit. Soulja boy move ova KEEF too raw lol no.

  • countIT


  • AnT

    what is this?

  • Cap

    hahahhahahah wtf is happening??!?!?!??!?!!!!!

  • Mike Tomlin


  • ddave

    Let’s be honest with ourselves this shit is terrible!!!!!!!

  • solking10

    Cheif Keef’s songs thats that shit I dont likes


    Everyone in the C Section shut the f up only motherfucka out there who’s raw enuff to be featured with a bottle of windex in there press shots…. who else does that

  • nigga need to do some homework or chores…..

  • sammy

    track of the year

  • dylWeed

    im sorry dont see nothing special about this kid. what does a 16/17yr old know about money and drugs??? jackshit cause your still in high school and if your selling drugs your getting the bottom barrel of the drugs my friend

  • Jeezy thought he was on the popular Chief Keef song hahaha

  • doc rovers

    is this a song? or is this just sounds?

  • Rik

    Haha, someone tell Jeezy this ain’t “I Don’t Like”

  • dirk

    Every good rapper would rap doubletime over beats like that… but these rappers just say some words…

  • hondo

    the problem with rap. this shit on the same site with a new blu track, as if they’re comparable. and this nigga chief keef is probably going to be the next big thing in rap. i don’t like.


    stop hating dude is just doing his thing unlike all the mainstream artists who stuck up people. So hes being different how does that make him suck? because u like mainstream people who rap about being rich like drake?

  • Mick Jagger

    I can’t understand him….

  • Why are people hating on a young dude getting money? Mad you ain’t made it? I support, keep it up keef the streets are hungry

  • 3Hunna

    @chief keef them haters are too use to this mainstream crap. they dont appreciate people being real instead of these studio rappers who dont do shit like wayne, drake, and every1 else on YMCMB

  • my god

    I don’t understand fans of hip hop sometimes. If you don’t like something you are a hater, a retard, a hipster, a group, or just some vengeful dude that is just overcome with jealousy. If you do like something you are a group, a dickrider, a stan, a idiot, and you have horrible taste in music. So how exactly do you win?

    Anyway, I listened to the song. It was weak. I don’t have a personal vendetta against the dude or anything, but the song was just weak. He has no type of energy. He has a weak flow. ZERO mic presence. No hard lyrics. And this isn’t a hype song. If you don’t offer ANY of that then it’s just not for me. You have to bring something to the table if you want people to care about what you are saying. People are saying that he is real, he goes through real shit, and bring something new to the table. Well, I have yet to hear him rap about any of that. He gets on the track with the same flow and just doesn’t come with it. Hopefully dude progresses. He’s still young so I have some faith he can grow.

  • WTF

    i dont understand …one hot track and now he’s gettin features from artists like jeezy??? It should be YOUNG CHOP gettin’attention for I DON’T LIKE

  • Chad

    My lil yungin

  • Traps Back

    if u think this song sucks then y u listen to it? cuz hes good and u haters cant admit it

  • WTF

    @Traps Back after i heard I Don’t Like, i figured i’ll listen to some more tracks and they was wack as fuck. when i saw this, i saw jeezy on the track so i listened & bul is wack YOUNG CHOP the truth tho

  • j

    put Freddie Gibbs on this hoe!

  • my god

    @traps back Sir, how am I supposed to determine whether it is good or not if I don’t actually listen to it? Do you even read what you are typing? You think there is some type of conspiracy against the dude or something? You think that people that don’t like this song are just so full of rage that they can’t admit it? C’mon with the bullshit man. I listen to the majority of stuff on here even multiple times if it is getting a lot of comments or something

  • Skooby

    Sounds like his other garbage song. Gave it a shot. He’s better than Lil B, but that isn’t saying much. This is talking over music. So many talented artists out there that don’t get any attention, but this dude does? SMH

  • Boogie

    Chief keef raw don’t GAF bout wat y’all says
    !!!!!!!!! Cuz wen he DO get main stream y’all gone b da main 1nes on his shit!!! Keep it my nigga dey jus knocking yo hustle#SOSA

  • FUCKchiefkeef

    this is the worst shit since obama or pro sports lockouts

  • Haha, someone tell Jeezy this ain’t “I Don’t Like”

    Rik said this on May 15th, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    He prob wrote a verse to I Don’t Like… Chief Keef hit em up askin if he’d do a verse on a track for 100k… Jeezy was like no doubt, and sent him that lol