Ill Poetic – Gone (Video)

blame it on Shake May 15, 2012

Directed by David Damen & Walter Nini.

First definitive release from Ill Po’s upcoming EP, Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement EP, which is due out this Summer.

This video was made for people brave (read:stupid) enough to jump off the cliff and follow their dreams & passions. Leaving my job and life behind to do this as a potential career is easily the craziest, scariest, dumbest, smartest thing I’ve ever done. The video is also a token of appreciation for all the people, places, and memories Cincinnati has given me. Thank You.

DOWNLOAD: Ill Poetic – Gone

  • Wayne

    just as Thelma replied I am taken by surprise that any body can get paid $6837 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you see this

  • “Respect.”

  • one of my favorite Cincinnati MC’s – and trust me, there’s a lot to choose from ;-)

  • Original, poignant, ill poetic.

  • Jamie Fritts

    I have known Ill for a long time. I have seen him freestyle in a breakroom and write lyrics on receipt paper. I have seen him turn into a monster in a recording booth and then walk out the same self aware humble person he was before he entered. I feel honored to have witnessed his growth as an artist and see him tear down boundaries and stereotypes that often surround hip hop. His voice as an artist is unique, yet it can appeal to wide range of people. I have shared Ill’s music with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers. Their backgrounds, music taste and views on life represent a wide spectrum of people, but I witnessed all of their facial expressions change and their mood transform as they were swept up by thought provoking lyrics wrapped in a masterful beat. As I listen Ill’s music, I am instantly transported to a moment in time to where I was was feeling what the song is portraying. That’s the beauty of Ill’s music to me, it’s like an audible time machine that takes you on a self reflective journey through your own life while broadening your perspective on the future.

  • Rae Faith

    The video was well worth the wait.I am so happy that you are able to capture your vision through your songs and now with
    your video’s. I feel as if the pureness of your soul shines through and creates an understanding that has been lost in recent years by the artist that are over-saturating our air waves. Thank you for taking the time to write what needs to be heard. It is refreshing as well as true art. I look forward to hearing what you have up your sleeve in the future. Remember to always write from the heart and your music will always be timeless. Your friend, Rachel Faith

  • KenDink1987

    Ohio definitely has next! Its good to hear Ill Po and big ups to Huntorprey as well.

  • Chad Swedberg

    ill Po is the last of a dying breed. True artist right here….

  • cajones

    wow, this video reminds me of when I left cincinnati. dope shit, i’ll always check out new ill poetic music

  • I’m a fan of Ill Poetic and the video for “Gone” is just another example of the refreshing perspective he brings to the rap game. Brilliant!

  • TheIdiotGenius

    sounds like sean in this… a lot. but thats not a bad thing cause sean is dope. looks like sean in this… A LOT.. and that is a bad thing. great use of that intro though. stay up