2012 Rock the Bells Lineup

blame it on Shake May 16, 2012

Just as they always do, Guerilla Union brings out the big guns with their annual Rock the Bells festival. Bone Thugs performing E. 1999 Eternal? Red and Meth performing Blackout? Yeah, I’m already sold. Full lineup is listed on the flyer up top.

  • doc rovers

    holy shit

  • doc rovers

    everyone on there >>> (minus watsky)

  • Different, interesting.. Don’t know how it stacks against the other years but I’m down. I like all the sides of hip-hop and this years festival brings that.

  • Lupe better be in Jersey or I ain’t going


    hate to sound like a beeotch but these locations are smelly twat. (Except the bay.)

  • 2ndera

    Damn that’s a line up. Going to San bernardino…

  • Random Guy

    I’m sorry but that lineup is whack as fuck. Kudi, Khalifa, Cole, Miller, A$AP, Tyga, Tity Boi, & Watsky don’t deserve to be on this lineup.

  • Jamal

    HaHaHaHaHaHa I love how Kid Cudi name is 1st thats fuckin swag. (Holds Nuts)

  • TGOD

    @Random Guy

    “Lifestylez Of The Rich & Famous,If You Got Money They Know What Your Name Is,If You Dont,You’re Nameless”

  • Big-O


    Going to Frisco like a muh’fucka.

  • Random Guy

    ^What fuck boy did you quote that from? Just because you’re “famous” doesn’t mean you’re dope, or even a good MC. Stop being a tool. I was waiting for the first person to reply to me, and that’s the bullshit I got? *Shrugs* You were only getting one reply.

  • chn

    hahaha. that is the worst lineup I have ever seen. Garbage after garbage. You couldnt pay me to see that crap.

  • Nathaniel

    I can’t believe CUdi and WIz are the headlines wtf happened to this festival? I like a lot of the other artists though so I’ll be going.

  • HipHopHead

    @Random Guy
    I Completely agree with, im so fuckin upset right now, i look forward to this concert every year and they go and fuck it up like this?! 2 chainz?!…i like BONE, but be real…is that the group you would want to see “reunite”?! Man, Lupe already sold out, J. Cole sold out as well! I dont wana see them perform all that new bullshit they puttin out! RTB ur killin the culture! and get the fuck outta here wit all that “its jus different hip hop” bullshit! thats not hip hop! its pure trash!

  • yup

    Yeah, I’m not impressed by this lineup.

    I’ll always regret not going in 08 though… Tribe headlined, Pharcyde were the special performers, Rakim, de la, nas, jay electronica, most of wu…. I fucked up.

  • sharkahkhan

    del gunna shit on every one except kendrick, i hope they make a song together.

  • johnny boy

    They only hate you if your great. No one would take time out their day to hate on a NOBODY. The Cudi hate just randomly started to appear on this site,Which is cool they hated Jimi Hendrix also. Everyone on here was on Wiz jock strap around Kush N Oj & probably before then but now since he has a couple extra Zeros in his account he’s awful & terrible? Same goes for J Cole. Some of you got way too much time on your hands because its always the same ones hating everytime.


    WHITE POWER!!!!!!!!!

  • agreecuzitstrue

    this line up is crazy if u a real fan of hip hop!!!

    fuck the bullshit

    some of u faggots make me sick



  • llz

    wow the person who compared hendrix to cudi is fucking retarded you should fully feel bad about yourself you ingrate

  • chris

    Most definitely going to check out cudi,wiz,kendrick,cole,lupe,nas,schoolboy q & ab-soul.Oh & asap rocky :))

  • doodoobrown

    I went to 08 Rock the Bells and was unable to go since because they never came back to Miami. Looks like I’m going this year.

  • PRalines

    Dude, we need a midwest show. Its been like 3 years. we’re hungry.

  • that truth

    how does cudi got top billing? cole lupe and mac are all more popular than him. bet he puts on a boring ass show too

  • mcd

    people always hate on the lineup for festivals. you can’t see every artist anyways, so im glad when some of them are shit. i wont feel bad missing mac miller for kendrick lamar or skipping the dipset show to catch nas.

  • Cudi, Wiz, Mac Miller, Meth & Red, Yelawolf, Tyga…. Are we sure this isn’t Smokin Grooves Tour lol

  • Jae

    Maaaan Rock the Bells fell OFF!!
    I remember going to 2006 and 2009 and they were off the chain

    Now they are only doing 3 dates again (whack) 2009 was the best for that

    and they have totally changed what they are about in terms of what hip hop they decide to showcase. 2 Chainz?!?! are you kidding me?? Asap, Tyga…. man that is fucked up.
    Also notice the stars beside lots of the names, that means even though there are only 3 shows, they wont all have that lineup WHACK

  • Real Talk

    how does cudi got top billing? cole lupe and mac are all more popular than him. bet he puts on a boring ass show too

    You are asinine if you think eiter of them are more “popular” than cudi. I wasnt going to even reply because at firdt i thought you were just trolling but if you were serious your are on something my friend.
    wow the person who compared hendrix to cudi is fucking retarded you should fully feel bad about yourself you ingrate

    Cudi is the closet thing we have in todays music to the late great jimi. Thats music & live performance wise.He even looks like jimi hendrix. Ever see the video for “Erase Me”

    J Cole haters amaze me with this he “sold out” thing. You same people are gonna turn on Kendrick Lamar next.Just wait & see its only a matter of time.

  • Real Talk

    Man, Lupe already sold out, J. Cole sold out as well!
    Please find a new record because this song is getting old.
    2 Chainz?!?! are you kidding me??
    2chainz is the hottest in the game right now thats why he’s on the bill. Stop damn crying.

  • Solo Hoe

    Take Wiz Cauliflower,Jasmine Cole,Wack Miller,Tyga & Watsky off & im good…

  • BangBang


  • someguy

    oh shi- @ deltron.

  • zachariah

    Crazy thing about BONE is that damn near every one of the young cats on this bill has been inspired by them. Kendrick, Cole, Asap, Cudi, Yela, Q, Wiz, Mac, Soul so at least you know THEY’LL be hype for them. Shit, this might be the first time in history the group is down and contracted to play with all 5 members for this record. Someone needs to capture it in HD for me.

  • ashy larry

    Oh shit Big Boi & Cudi in the studio together as we speak…Greatness is being created as we speak….Y’all see the first name on that Rock the bells line up, stop playing ….

  • quitbitchin

    Personally, Nas, Ice Cube, Meth & Red, Del, Quik, Hit Squad, Naughty By Nature, Big Daddy Kane, Prodigy, Slick Rick, BONE THUGS, Murs, Fashawn, and the whole Black Hippy crew DEFINITELY make up for all the other shit artists on the bill. I mean shit, there’ll probably be a good artist lined up at the same time against an artist you don’t like.

  • tyler


    Is 3 stacks there too?

  • Black Hippy.

  • mrcarlita

    going to the Mountain View show, all them New York rappers better make the trip. I’m talking to you A$AP

  • sean boo

    btw no eminem and slaughterhouse ugghh

  • Phillip

    Alot of people forget that Cudi won a grammy with Ye & Rihanna for his contribution on ‘All Of The Lights” So from now on no matter if your hating or showin love please address him as “Grammy Award Winner” thanks & have a nice day.

  • CABNumber

    It’s a 2 day festival this time…… I’m there without a doubt. I thought I was never gonna see Bone Thugs perform together since Krayzie & Wish left. TDE, Murs & Fashawn, Atmosphere, Meth & Red, Ice Cube, DJ Quik hell the fuck yes……… Steady Chiefin for 2 days straight I’m even gonna try to sneaky in a bottle of some Hen.

  • STR8

    Disappointing. Any other year dudes like Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Cudi and Cole would not be top billing. Probably the weakest lineup they’ve had so far. 2007 hasn’t been topped yet. Wu-Tang and Rage FTW

  • b

    This lineup sucks! Only california and jersey! What is happening to this festival?

  • LexiCon

    “Special guests: Missy Elliott & Timbaland” ? They don’t belong there.

  • KiDDo

    WOW!! Cudi! Alll Fucking Day!! This Line Up is Greatt!! Fuck Oppinions!!! Its all about the Music! There are Great People on This Shiet and Wack People So Be It !!!!

  • Lifter

    DELTRON 3030 >>>>>

  • tachiini

    ’04-’08. sux rtb take a tangent.
    why couldnt they pick from the following ?!?!?!??????
    Roc Marciano
    Random Axe
    Black Milk
    marco polo
    Act Proof
    DJ Premier
    9th Wonder
    Pete Rock

    *** Reunion or Reunited Stage
    Pete Rock/CL

  • Jeremy

    No Boston date after they fucked us over last year. Thanks for that.

  • DickSuck

    Why the fuck is Danny Brown not invited? Terrible lineup, easily the worst they’ve had.

  • Megalodon

    why would they go back to boston? boston got cancelled last year due to low ticket sales…

  • Cue

    The 2008 show was the greatest.
    De La Soul
    A Tribe Called Quest
    Mos Def
    Method Man and Redman
    Ghostface and Raekwon
    Jay Electronica

  • optik

    I guess all good things come to an end. R.I.P. Rock The Bells. True headz don’t have shit to look forward to anymore. I can’t tell the difference between rock the bells and summer jam. smh

  • fuck your cornball bullshit billboard rappers grow the fuck up

    weak lineup. all heads ask is for is 1 event of nothing but real shit. IS NOTHING SACRED.

  • just sayin

    sll these people complaining must be old

  • theblackmamba

    Everybody talking about this being a weak line up, ARE YA’LL FUCKING KIDING ME MAN like really a WEAK line up, you stupid for saying that, that lineup has some of the most heavy hitter in the game, Kendrick, Cole, Nas, Mac, A$AP, Cudi, Wiz and so many underrated rapper to like Dom and Schoolboy Q, I bet all them niggas sayin it a weak line up are niggas that hatin cause they can’t go cause there too far way too go, so quite bitchen and acknowledge this damn concert yo

  • @blackmamba what are you like 17? ur version of the “most heavy hitter in the game” besides Nas is fuckin terrible. compare the past few years rtb line ups to this year and you’ll see how corny this shit is. not only did they take it out of the mecca of hip hop, NYC, but they also increased the prices by up to 5 times at some of the venues. Nas’s name would have nevr been in between Kid cudi and Wiz khalifa’s name and thats what has kept fans loyal to RTB. not these kids that want to check it out for the first time bc tyga and A$AP are gonna be there. Cats been catching nas, black star, wu tang, tribe, cypress hill, atmosphere etc at these shows for years without letting niggas from YMCMB make the line up

  • for the love of tebow, someone hand theblackmamba a purple tape. FYI: Common was added to the lineup, Lupe said on his twitter that he will not be at rtb… Rock the bells 07 was my 1st rtb and in my view, the best ever. I have been to 2010 and last years as well. Each year, more n more unecessary mothafuckers get added to the lineup… Mac miller and wiz khalifa are the same person, just different skin tones. Both made 1 DOPE mixtape and then sold all the way out. kid cudi was never really that dope. just some shit u played when u were smoking with bitches. j. cole is corny and mediocre on his best day. none of the people deserve to be at rtb, let alone headlining… And Bone thugs… no disrespect but, i dont give a fuck about bone thugs. People i actually care to see: Nas (duh), Atmosphere (more than one guy, stop sleeping, good music), Dipset (im from new york), Kendrick (dope shit), Red n Meth (i used to smoke mad weed), Del (heiroglyphics), HIT SQUAD (I gotta c it to believe it), A$AP (looks like their shows r turnt up, as the kids say), immortal technique (rtb was made for people like tech), naughty by nature (classic), big daddy kane (classic), salt n pepa (LMAO), Slick Rick (classic), P (classic), Dj Lance (yooooo gabba gabba!!!), Dom Kennedy, Jay Rock. Missy n timbo is dope yall, thats the kind of shit u gotta see live. Now, look at that lineup… that is solid as fuck. Now, make it 1 day instead of 2 and cut out the unecessary mofuckas so u dont need to make the general admission tickets 200 fucking dollars. Thats a show worth going to.

  • j

    Worst line up I ever seen! Last year was perfect.this is a complete disappointment

  • NAS


  • Dark_Grapes

    Cudi is the closest thing we have in todays music to the late great jimi. Thats music & live performance wise.He even looks like jimi hendrix. Ever see the video for “Erase Me”
    Man…get the fuck outta here with this shit!