Celeb Forever – Make Believers f. Donnis (Video)

blame it on Meka May 16, 2012

First came the audio, now enjoy the visuals for the title track to CF’s upcoming project.

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  • coleworld23

    this cold!

  • bigdickwillybitches

    son look sweet video nice doe

  • tisharenae


  • KimmyUK


  • I don’t like anything about this guy. From his name, to his cliche everything. Piggy-backing off of a high profile topic (trayvon martin) to get attention, or some type of validity as an artist is wack to me. Putting an American Flag on your mixtape cover because Asap Rocky, Young Jeezy, Nippsey Hussle, Soulja Boy, and 479 other rap artists did it this year and last year…is wack to me. Coming into this game trying to do your best Drake rendition…. is wack to me.

    The bottom line is… this shit is wack to me.

  • maz1

    I agree with Elloseventysix.

  • nyle

    celeb gets features from some of my favoirte artist and they constantly shit on him on his own shit lol give up dude

  • daviddddhennyredwiredupshawty

    Elloseventysix & friends. Soooo I been followin this kidd for a min noww and it seems all too coincidental that the same sad fucks follow him around from project to project-blog to blog posting the same old paragraph long story of his life (you know it all mr. comment on blog/ industry exec). Lets be honest. None of us are industry experts. I’ll be the first to admit I work a 9-5 and visit hip hop sites from time to time to download free music. but (pardon my language) you sons of bitches have no shame. i’m a fan. hence the following. but you all claim to not be fans, yet you follow this dudes music-videos-pictures- and everything else. the fact that you watch the video until the last second (which is the only place the cover is revealed) really solidifies my theory. if you have a personal vendetta towards little dude thats one thing but let him chase his passion. holy hell. thats all folks. good vid celeb

  • totally agree with the guy right above me dunno what that name is lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah totally right like to speak out for a good cause and be ridiculed for it is just a testimonial of how ignorant american society is today smh also fuck legal zoom they took my money

  • rowdyone

    #MakeBelievers 0r g3t attack3d by a!ds f!ll3d bag3ls



  • Rodney

    For real.. You know everything about the dudes music but you think he sucks? Sounds to me like we have some failed Facebook rappers on here that are, simply put, jealous. This guy celeb is lyrically inclined, you are ignorant if you think otherwise.

  • Ray-

    LOL Celebrity? Stop it five! Garbage.