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    disapointed, oh no, med and nottz come correct, the beats dope but he needs to tighten up the drums, there way too loose and the cuts are soooo wak!

  • http://dizzythumper.tumblr.com dizzythumper!

    who are you 1, Dr. Dre? Appreciate the music or STFU!

  • SupremeSoulstice

    all three of em ripped this shit hard. big up

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  • PlatformShoes

    Wack as usual! House Shoes is corny....I cant even call him a fake Dilla. What were you doing all those years with Dilla, obviously NOT paying attention. SMH

  • Notti

    LOL, was the ni**a supposed to be studying Dilla just because they were friends? You internet people really trip me out sometime…

    Bet if he would've sounded like Dilla, then it would've been a problem… If you gon' leave a comment, at least have some kind of substantial argument to contribute. Now you just sound like you mad…

  • Ricki Lutes

    DOPE! looking forward to this