LeBronJames.Com Presents: The Campaign (Mixtape) [Dirty]

blame it on Meka May 16, 2012

Here is the dirty version of Bron Bron’s first mixtape, curated by The NMC’s LowKey. You can still grab the clean edit (for those who can’t play music with curse words at their jobs) right here.

DOWNLOAD: LeBronJames.Com Presents: The Campaign (Mixtape) [Dirty]

  • bushytop

    can we get a re-up on that link? this lebron tape stops playing 3/4 of the way into it.

  • johnnyboy

    it still sucks…

  • Hatin Ass Terry

    Lebron can kiss the inside of my anus port.

  • lebronfan

    how bout you quit worrying about mixtapes and practice some free ‘frows?

  • Nasty


  • mrs.305

    damn this artwork sucks. track 14. Honros English? not Honors english? smh bron bron

  • my god

    Wait is this a mixtape with Lebron rapping or just something he is sponsoring? What is this?

  • Only good song is Freddie Gibbs “LeBron Shit”