• Gino

    I'm not gonna front like I haven't been following this girl for a few years now, ever since I saw her on Two And A Half Men. This tape is dope, and she's definitely going places. But here's what you really need to know: Tinashe has the best body that I've ever seen. She's fine as fuck, and she knows it. There is no one I'd rather smash.

  • b1s

    she got a weeknd vibe going...i can dig it...not the best voice but whatever

  • Hippie

    It's actually not a bad project, props to the young girl.

  • IE

    this some good shit 2db. its nice to hear an upandcoming artist that isnt biting another nigga's style or trying to sound like lil or young money


    @gino best you've ever seen? You need to get out more brah!

  • Tree92

    ^ Nah she's bad af, I'm gonna have to agree with Gino.

  • cosbysweater

    Who thumbed this down? This shit is dope, nice sound. Jhene mixed with Miguel, sprinkle some weeknd = this.

  • http://neverendingcircus.bandcamp.com/ Earl Graye

    Yay! I Love Tinashe! :)