Goodie Mob – Is That You God?

blame it on Illy May 17, 2012

Goodie Mob’s latest offering “Is That You God?” will be featured in the upcoming film The Obama Effect set to hit select cities July 13.

DOWNLOAD: Goodie Mob – Is That You God?
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  • The1nOnlyVI

    Glad to hear Cee-Lo rapping again

  • CMD

    Finally….. Shit got tears in my eyes…. Soul food… It taste damn good….

  • ear2thestreetz

    2dope….i think this was in the background of ATL the movie

  • NoWuff

    Now this is Good Music

  • LSUGuru

    @ear2thestreetz it fuckin was.. I knew I heard this shit somewhere before.

  • LB

    now this is the Goodie I remember. not that other damn song!

  • B-dizzle

    Ok so WHO sings the ORIGINAL!! this is good..glad to hear Cee Lo Rap FINALLY..but i want ORIGINAL MUSIC YO!!

  • dopeman jones

    Now this is the Goodie I remember

  • GODr.

    What the fuck is this garbage? This sounds nothing like anything from Soul Food. Is Goodie Mob gospel pop now? Get the fuck outta here. This sounds like some shit the Black Eyed Peas would drop. Horrible. Maybe they should pick up a female and dress up in glitter outfits. 7up sellin ass niggas.

  • Self

    This was in the ATL film

  • Drezain


  • eatshit

    bullshit music. Goodie mob can suck a donkey dick thinking I’m going to continue to support them. They ain’t been shit since their 2nd album

  • Da_Father

    Oh. I thought this was Bone Thugs from the picture O_O

  • Can these niggas just go back to what they used to be?? this is okay, but I want the sounds that made goodie mob legendary. This latest shit is just songs that will make them money. I guess these niggas gotta pay their AARP insurance and shit.

    These niggas don’t dance no moe, all they do is this shit

  • Maga D

    How yall hating this? this sounds like Good dungeon music, maybe has more singing, but shit’s tight.