Maybach Music Group – Self-Made Vol. 2 (Artwork)

blame it on Meka May 17, 2012

Doesn’t this shit remind you of that doofy cover of The Murderers? Anyways, June 26th is the release date; you can pre-order here. Head down bottom for the latest Meek Mill Club Paradise Vlog. Thanks, Punch.

  • lmfao

    This is so gay.

  • JChrome

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahh damn! why did Maybach O have to slip in right before this release…

  • @rickyrozay


  • Jackal

    This looks like The Black Avengers or some shit.

  • ray

    omarion just made this shit 100 times more gay then its gunna be already..

  • Juanka

    I like the artwork tho

  • Pancakes

    They’re standing way too close to each other in the dark… and Meek Milly is starting to look a little squirrely… ruh!

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @Pancakes If you think they’re standing next to each other you’re a dumbass.

    It’s OK. I don’t think they should’ve added the names though.


    hmmmmmm triple c’s??????????????????

  • Decatur Don

    Stalley The Only Nigga on MMG I fuck with

  • someguy

    wait what? omarion?

  • Pancakes

    @Your Friendly Neighborhood Dumbass

    It’s their imagery, not mine. I don’t care how they shot it, I’m commenting on the final product.

  • Token

    I guess Torch, Gunplay, and Masspike Miles aren’t getting pushed anymore. The game is so cold…

  • sean boo

    bitchmade vol 2

  • NYdreams

    lmaoo that artwork look gay as shit … and having omarion on the cover just fucks up the whole look of the name MMG

  • Juicy-G

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…was that enough Z’s?

  • you know you know

    lol meek looks like he is about to laugh lololol

  • i’d like this cover way more if omarion wasn’t on it


    I think they only signed Omarion so they could have an even number of heads on the cover.

    And why my nigga Meek Mill got the pedophile face on though

  • rosie

    this cover looks like stalley has his finger up meek mills ass and wale knows all about it HA ! ..and omarion needs to take his corny ass skills back to that fat albert movie

  • wackness

    It doesn’t look like that at all–keep dreaming though–faggot

  • Thinker

    meek mill look like he crackin up and it just makes Stalley look like hes trying too hard not to either.
    and what the fuck….Omarion? oh my gawwwd
    MMG is now YMCMB

  • RSX

    Meek lookin’ like #Pedobear though.

  • lance geneva

    meek does look like a rapist though.. lmao at #pedobear

  • Sir Escobar

    @Thinker, big difference between MMG and YMCMB is that MMG actually have skill. Triple C’s,Wale, Stalley, Meek Mill, they can actually rap. Omarion is also not a bad singer.

  • BananaClipse

    feels like someones missing /:

  • crackadon

    “I think they only signed Omarion so they could have an even number of heads on the cover.”

    my man Bawse, 5 is not an even number

  • King G.

    When did Kevin Hart gain 50 pounds and sign to MMG?

  • Flip

    This is gonna be some str8 street shit and bangas, But you who guys wouldn’t know that…to busy dick riding Gamfago

  • brite

    Meek really got to step up his beard game if wants to keep rolling with MMG.


    Nigga I meant so they could make the cover symmetrical

  • jojoba

    Yo… where is trip-c’s and gunplay though?

  • Masspike Miles lightyears better than Omarion! Ross iz dumb.

  • bib

    Music will be dope but this artwork is a RAoF. . This can’t be official..Fuck..#iNeedArtByShake

  • Rasan

    What happend to Teedra Moses, I guess she not gonna get a push??? I guess that’s what happens when you sign to a nigga label you pushed to the back for the gay dude with the charm bracelet!!!

  • zachariah

    Gunplay is dope, where is he? Who’s betting he’ll be the only Triple C featured on it. Why don’t they print their full stage names? Great promotion idiots.

  • the realest

    am i the only one thats been seeing ross tryna push the name “rozay” as his stage name since freeway ricky ross been tryna sue “rozay” for the name lol. i see you “rozay” lol

  • Randy

    @crackadon I think he was speaking in terms of symmetry. not math.

  • OIJ

    Where the hell is suede royale.

  • top_shottatx

    yall hatin on omarion but he the only platinum artist on mmg

  • greg focker

    MMG – Mighty Morphin Group

  • ggffg

    what happened to suede royale and audra the rapper

  • shoulda been french montana.. not omarion

  • truest

    smh at the faggotry that the album cover posses, i guess it reflects the wack shit of rozay

  • James Bond

    anyone know why its called self made when none of them actually are

  • bossfloss

    “Uggh. You gotta move units with serious buzz to get your whole face / both eyes featured on the cover. Ugggh. If you ain’t hot we can drop you and say, you were on the cover but not part of MMG. ROZAY”



  • cRASH

    I like the cover, looks like some “Star Wars” shit. aside from Meek’s face i fuck with it.