The Boondocks: Season 4

Pic courtesy of HHW

Shake may be anticipating Anchorman 2, but I'm waiting on the return of the [adult swim] series. Similar to Ron Burgundy's teaser poster their official site
doesn't say much, but I'm gassed regardless.

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  • D.J.

    Super Amped!

  • Cali760

    Booooooo Nigga you gay haha

  • riley


  • lilkandy

    YESSSSSSSSSS!! FINALLY! Hope 9th Wonder continues doing the music!

  • Big-O

    What's good nigga?! What's really good?!

    Can't wait!

  • Don Kennedy

    Wonder what they'll do about the Trayvon story... I'm sure they'll make this the best season yet

  • Powhatan

    Who has seen Darius Robinson?

  • after seeing my favorite rapper kiss a black woman thats trying her hardest 2 look white, and seeing wacka on the cover of xxl, this is the best news i've heard all week.

  • Silver Surfer

    Prayer's have been answered...

  • dEt0X2010

    YEA NIGGA YEA (Riley Voice) lol
    cant wait for this!!!!