• Skuwby

    As far as impact goes, I think the TDE camp is nowhere as close as Death Row currently . However that's more the fault of " that's how the music industry is set up " rather than anything directly related to their skills as artists . Who knows, they might actually become a tyrannical force .

  • that truth

    That album signifies the golden rule of the West Coast. It definitely put the West Coast back on the map. That album is the last definitive classic of our generation and Exile doesn’t get nearly as much attention as he should for the production on the album. Fashawn’s Boy Meets World LP is also an album where Exile held a creative hand as far as composition. Fashawn’s “Boy Meets World” is an underground classic. HUGE shout out to Evidence for having a hand in breaking off a piece of the new west, as he paved the way for Fashawn, I didn’t hear about Fashawn until I heard him on Evidence’s ”The Far Left”.

    somebody clearly taught you how to use new words for the same noun and how to save sentences well

  • zan

    only one that sounds "westcoast" is dom kennedy..not to disrespect lamar or the whole tde people, they dope but no one is like dom on that last dpg joint.

  • Braniak

    TDE the only camp that will ever come close to Deathrow.
    On some real talk this catz have shown and prove they have what it takes to make it in the industry.

    I don't see Don around in five years, but honestly there are many West Coast rappers that don't get the support they need because the lack of consistency.
    Brace your selves for this "NEWESTERA"

    West Side!!!

  • marty mcfly

    This mite be a little out of nowhere but its still west coast though. I do think something could be said about the Bay Area and how new artists these days are moving as far as being independent. In the late 90s and early 2000s you had artists from the bay putting out gold albums independently with no mainstream connection or support and no tools like Twitter and the what not, like E40, C-Bo and the Mob Figgas, Messy Marv, Yukmouth (the Thugged Out album was more then dope), Thizz Records, San Quinn, etc etc... You also got different sounds out the Bay from Mob music (which now is found in music all over the place, not saying the bay created it but the bay definitely revolutionized it underground by keeping the bass going for extremely long riffs at a time per song and ending them with crazy 808 drum patterns), Playa type music with a street edge and commercial appeal, the hyphy movement, and also hip hop shit like Souls Of Mischief, Hieroglyphics and The Coup. I say all that to say for atleast a decade (94 -2004) the Bay had a very strong movement that had a impact in music, maybe not as commercial as L.A artists did but the streets know whats up cause its alot of albums from here ya'll never heard of but they sold 100k plus units independently. Just had to give some shine to the Bay since that area is always left out of the conversation in the west coast influence on music but its all good. Also that Ev video is one of my favorites.

  • my

    TDE is on a Wu-Tang like winning streak right now. Remember when Wu-Tang put out 36 Chambers, Tical, Ironman, Liquid Swords, Ob4CL, and Return to the 36s chambers? So far we have Section 80, Follow Me Home, Control System, Habits and Contradictions. Kendrick album coming soon probably Jay Rock, and hints at a Black Hippy project.I know I know, they aren't there just yet, but if they continue their winning streak it's going to be pretty comparable. If they drop a group album that is good mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • http://soundcloud.com/dannykrew Daniel

    The WestSide Is Filled With Slept Talent Shit Scope My Homie Monte Cristo Out, He Be Putting Mad Work Doing Shows All Over facebook.com/madcityking

  • getYoShitRyte

    anyone comparing tde to death row in any way prompts me to question if they were even around back then. i mean no disrespect, kendrick & co. are dope in their own sort of way and they both black owned LA rap labels but beyond that? nothin. death row was a whole other monster.

    and 2Pacalypse Now is NOT a classic debut album.

  • Breath

    Fuck death row! Real talk them niggas ain't do shit only nigga I respect is dre PAC can eat a dick snoop was what an equivalent to wiz is right now.i ain't no Kendrick groupie but as far as imPact I do say Tde has more only imPact death row did was get The greatest rapper off all time biggie killed fuck em no respect on my end

  • marty mcfly

    Death Row was Snoop, Pac and the Dogg Pound and a few more cats that all had a high level of mainstream success. TDE can also reach that same status in time but as of right now Black Hippy = a 2012 Freestyle Fellowship (Aceyalone, Myka9, P.E.A.C.E and Self Jupiter or maybe Abstract Rude) at this point.

  • $$$

    Eh. Fuck comparisons. All of the music is alright...

  • turf

    god damn i love being from LA

  • Ahh yiiisss

    Great presentation, hopefully this is what will finally convince my niggs for a Cali trip this summer

  • al

    hey "breath" burn in hell faggot

  • Yay Area

    You talked about the West and completely left out the Bay Area. The bay doesn't get any commercial love, but it does not mean we are irrelevant in Cali. Where's the love for 40, Short, Mac Dre, the Hieroglyphics, Zion-I, Yukmouth, etc.? I know I'm leaving out a ton of people, but the point is is that the West isn't complete without the Bay. Pac even said if he were to claim anywhere, it would be OAKLAND. show us some love man. "the soil where everybody be getting they lingo from"

  • Retro

    ...How is Dom Kennedy on this before Skeme?

  • JAyP

    I think Nipsey is one of the people bringing that straight West Coast feel too he is one of my favorites coming out the West also Overdoz!

  • markaveli

    women, weed, weather...i love being from LA.

  • Jon

    Completely agree with @Yay Area. Also, radio fucked up new artists getting love post-Death Row unless they were co-signed by Dre, Cube, Snoop etc. There are many dope artists in Cali but don't get any airplay. I recommend DUBCNN.COM for dope West Coast music.


    y'all needa watch out for Sacramento. the most underrated hip hop scene on the West Coast. Chuuwee puttin on right now for Sac. but there is MUCH more talent where that came from. ticking time bomb.

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    I find it funny, but not surprised that Odd Future isn't on this list...

    Shake & Meka are gay...