Ab-Soul – Terrorist Threats f. Danny Brown & Jhené Aiko (Video)

blame it on Meka May 18, 2012

Directed by APLUSFilmz

The banger from Soulo’s Control System (out now) gets the visual treatment.

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  • nyle

    tracks fireee!!!!….make jhene tde offcially!!!

  • Thinker

    love the song. but is everybody alright in that video?

  • Jay

    Im in Love wit Jhene lol And talk all the shit u want about Danny brown….when he steps away from talkin about drugs and pussy sometimes, hes one of the dopest mufuckas in hip hop.

  • Lewnilli

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Stan Post*

  • Video is wack, and dope at the same time, wierd shit.

  • Thirsty

    I would lick the shit outta Aiko’s forehead man.

  • Ermac

    @nyle I co-sign that forreal! and jhene is a sexy bad bitch I would love to bust open

  • Sean

    Hey Meka, any way you could upload that “Incomplete” Freestyle that Ab-Soul did a few years ago?? You guys posted it on here but unfortunatly that link is dead.

    Dope video BTW. One of the better tracks on Control System.

  • kayo

    extra piiiiills extraaa pillsssss

  • Bruh man

    Dope visuals ,great message….

  • bruh man

    Is jhene top dawg now?

  • my god

    She is signed to Def Jam folks. She might as well be the unofficial 5th member tho. She has been affiliated with them forever. Her, Alori Joh(rip), javonte, Ashtrobot, and BJ The Chicago Kid have always been on their songs and affiliated with them. They don’t need to be official members or signed to TDE for them to work together

  • Timothy

    Why would The U.S Military go to war against there own people or shoot there own people?

    & the Los Angeles Gangs more unity after the LA RIOTS .


  • Fart

    Man this video is bad. How could they look so bored on such a banger of a song? And who the fuck chose that horrible 90’s neon graffiti font? What a shame.

  • yeah this video is horrible. Fuck man this is one of my favorite songs from the album too. Still a great song

  • The hook sounds exactly like Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity”

  • GeeZuP

    I got to agree with most of you this vid is just awful but the song is a westcoast banger forreal I wished Soulo would have done a better job with the visuals

  • 5th

    this video is creatively dope idk what you niggas talkin bout

  • QBN

    Nah the vid is kinda boring.. their presence doesn’t match the intensity of the lyrics..

  • ABM

    ^ Maybe that was the point??

  • 2

    damn. this song/video/beat is pretty epic.

  • Where can I get one of those TDE hoodies?

  • And Won

    just bout this on amazon, niicce tde is the best label now.

  • Mangy

    I don’t know what people are talking about. This video is dope. Stoic presence wins out over hype IMO.

  • xci


  • xci


  • Keebo

    Haters. The video is like that because it is supposed to be like an actual terrorist threat video, these niggas is stern as fuck and they mean what they say, so they’re not gonna distract from the message by fuckin around.

  • Rob Watts

    Keebo finally answered the question. lol Dope song Dope vid.. and yes Jhene needs to sign to TDE, every instrumental she jumps on with them sounds perfect for her.

  • MDA33

    TDE!!!!! Nough Said!….

  • dave

    jhene needs to dump hope Wright so I could wife that LOL. but yeah real trippy video.the graffitti was ugly tho. and cosigner what chi2la23 said where can we cop a tee hoody ill deff buy one

  • dave

    wife her*

  • factormax

    this is the sickest song on control system.. i don’t really know what hes going for with that anarchy shit. stand a chance against the military? really? why? for what? and what does seeing an image of hitler in the towers have to do with anything? its a cloud of smoke.

  • Unique_osmosis

    We’re going down the same road as germany fascism thats the product of democracy.

  • Paco

    man i liked the video yall trippin lol i dont really need 2 much visuals to make me happy, i just need visual unity between the artist and i saw that. this is my shit

  • egyle

    lol @ comments as usual. ninjas trippin.

  • Fart

    You can say whatever you want, but the video reads as boring because it was shitty direction and they were bored standing in a street for hours.

  • tommyTwoCents

    Is that beat from zelda?.. wind waker maybe? Pretty dope!

  • tommyTwoCents

    BUT, burning a one dollar bill isn’t even remotely cool

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Shits dope. I thought it was funny when he mentioned the White House it showed a pic of the Capitol Building…

  • sa

    maybe hes burnin the dollar as a fuck the gov,not just as some look cool acting

  • mmmmm Jhene Aiko….mmmmmm….


  • trin-king

    damn these lyrics and video went way over a lot of people’s heads..why go against the military? because our government is fuked and if all the gangs of the world actually unified we could overthrow them but we hafta go through the military first. And to the people hatin on the video: listen to the lyrics, what would you like them to do, dance in the club?

  • my god

    Thats a cop out. The videos for Pineal Gland and Empathy are perfectly fine without being out of place. All the other TDE videos have been pretty good as well. This video kinda stands out as the dud. Sacrilegious is a great video without too much going on.

  • marty mcfly

    @trin-king, Im all for the revolutionary raps but honestly its no need to unite the gangs in an effort to fight against the military cause that would never work in a million years. The gangs united wouldnt even get passed the police and the national guard let alone the real military so you mite as well give that dream up. People would have a better chance with changing problems in government by going through the legal process and taking issues to city mayors then to the heads of states and then to capital hill. The rappers making these type of songs are doing a good thing by speaking on shit but if people really want actual change they would have to use their brains and thats something that the government knows most people would not be willing to do. I know people have this fantasy of everyday people picking up weapons and charging the white house in some sorta attack mode but COMEONSON, the gangs cant even unite to say lets put down our guns and go back to the days of just fighting with our hands so its no way they could become a factor in americas government.

  • gary rosenberg

    absoul is whack as fuck.he ahould do a song with meek mill and nicki minaj that ne pretty cool

  • iLL

    since wne you guys are video cretic .. shut the fuck up

  • wily coyote

    did anyone else get that same feel as that of the song cartoon n cereal?? that was way more dope tho..

  • trin-king

    @marty mcfly- I understand your point but I don’t think Ab is saying that all the gangs of the world SHOULD overthrow the government. I don’t think he believes that it is possible either, I do think though that the line/song is meant to open people’s eyes/minds. It’s meant to be inspirational not literal.

    Mothafuck the government, mothafuck the system

  • Ber

    Most of the other TDE videos are made by JeromeD instead of this wack Aplusfilmz shit, but the song made up for the low quality vid

  • fretz


  • goodlifepractice

    “absoul is whack as fuck.he ahould do a song with meek mill and nicki minaj that ne pretty cool”

    there is no bridge here, troll. go find a billy goat to fuck with.

  • thequeenDMTthinker

    they’re all apart of the DMT mind state , something that most of you know NOTHING about … another realm of knowledge .. they talk about the military because believe it or not , they’re our enemies “black minorities” them and the government , they love control , it’s all about “Group think” look it up .. watch Erykah Baduh’s “window seat” video .. Danny brown, Ab-soul etc.. theyre all united in their thoughts … its just going right when everyone goes left. they dont wanna talk about the simple shit , its what everybody (gov’t and etc) doesnt want you to know .. think out side the box !! Thank you :)