• bowbowbow

    I wish waka would slap the shit out of one of you for this fozzie bear bullshit, I dont listen to his music myself but you bloggers get a false sense of superiority behind these laptops.

  • mick

    ^^^you obviously don't understand the joke dipshit

  • KIM

    Triple F life huh? F is number 6 in the alphabet..... 666 SMH #JUSTSAYIN

  • 1012


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/zAhLbeRG jones


  • Rec

    Who cares about the joke, it might have been funny once, but these bloggers are some real fags, between the Fozzie Bear, Lupe, Boo Boo and Odd Future, they feeling themselves way too much, just do your job cut out the soap opera shit.

  • clip

    i thought plies was dead

  • King G.

    You do realize that Shake and Meka hve real professions and this was a side venture/hobby that just so happened to get popular, right? Must be confusing 2DBZ's with thisis50. smh

  • http://thehusker.com MidWestFlyest

    Hate is the new love-French Montana