Maybach Music Group – Self Made 2 (Tracklist)

blame it on Meka May 18, 2012

Kendrick Lamar, Nas, French Montana, Nipsey Hu$$le, Roscoe Dash, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, Ace Hood, Bun B and T.I. all make guest appearances on the second edition of the MMG’s compilation album, dropping June 26th.

01. Gunplay, Stalley, Wale & Meek Mill – Power Circle f. Rick Ross & Kendrick Lamar
02. Meek Mill – Black Magic f. Rick Ross
03. Wale & Omarion – This Thing Of Ours f. Rick Ross & Nas
04. Rick Ross – All Birds f. French Montana
05. Wale & Meek Mill – Actin Up f. French Montana
06. Stalley – Fountain Of Youth f. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hu$$le
07. Wale – I Be Puttin’ On f. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana & Roscoe Dash
08. Wale & Stalley – The Zenith f. Rick Ross
09. Omarion & Wale – M.I.A.
10. Wale & Meek Mill – Bag Of Money f. Rick Ross & T-Pain
11. Omarion – Let’s Talk f. Rick Ross
12. Gunplay – Black On Black f. Ace Hood & Bun B
13. Stalley & Wale – FluorescentInk f. Rick Ross
14. Rick Ross – Bury Me A G f. T.I.

Wheres’ Teedra Moses, though.

  • jdz

    Man, I knew this would be the demise of Wale…

  • Zak

    what happened to tats on my arm?

  • Cry


  • NiggasWithCoke

    -Damn Wale 8/14 , Maybach O lol got like 3 joints , Meek got like 4 , Stalley got 4, and Ross probably got Adlibs on every track… I wanna hear that Kendrick Joint, and the Joint with Montaaaaana! Lol

  • King Tyrone


  • RED-bWs

    K. Dot should have been on a track with Nas, Rozay, and Wale on this album… or that might have been too embarrassing for MMG. They wouldn’t be able to handle it..

  • halah


    you know that Stalley is Ross’s little mans, he’s got to be on it cuz he’s the big Boss’s little mans, that’s just how it works when your coming from behind like Stalley is…

  • nah bro

    I’m disappointed that they don’t even have enough confidence in their own roster to actually do this as a group effort. How you have some dude thats not even on the label with three features? How does Gunplay only have 2 features when he is on the label? Why all these features? This isn’t a Maybach music album, this is more like some Dj Khalid shit.

  • jojoba

    Yo could use more GunplayDon Logan on that joint but Meek is hot fire right now in the streets and all so you know he’s going to be on there… Just make it hot MMG need some more STRAM…. That’s Summer.Time.Riddin.Around.Music for those who dont know

  • audiodope

    Interesting tracklist, especially tracks 1, 3 and 14. I hope it’ll be as epic as SM 1’s was with that Just Blaze beat. I wish Bag of Money was swapped out with Tats on My Arm, that Bag of Money song sucks.

  • anon

    why’s Ross listed as a feature on some tracks? don’t make sense

  • tyrone

    this shit is ass, some suburb white boy shit

  • chuckBarry

    looks dope but need to have Dom Kennedy on there…

  • 3much4thesehoes

    ross as a feature is pretty much like him on the hook/ Like bag of money?

    Nas should sign to MMG they running shit. This will be a quality tape.

  • diznuts

    wellll young breed?????????????

  • you

    Give me tracks 1 and 3, then GTFO

  • kd


  • wackness

    nah bro you’re reaching–I don’t even fuck with MMG (although I had to sit through my roommate playing v.1)

  • Whoever said Nas needs to be signed by MMG needs to have a seat. Nas is 10x better than MMG on his own, they are lucky to have him on one verse

  • bored about 10000 collaborations on this mmg albums……
    u got motherfuckin milli omarion walle and stalley on your team……let them boys shine dude

  • DamnYoToesTasteGoodAsFuck!

    J Willz >>>>>>> MMG

  • kap

    wheres that fronting ass audry the rapper?

  • yg the yg

    jWillz > jay-z > poop = Smitty

  • Ky

    mmg sux

  • Ky

    smitty will be a virgin for life

  • Brahhhh

    JWillz = Hip Hop

  • garbage asss music

  • Mike

    good tracklist

  • Rasan

    No Teedra or Masspike Miles, way to call it a label project. Such a shame. Once again that’s what happens when you sign to a Nigga Label!!!!

  • Stay Frosty

    Too much Wale, not enough Gunplay

  • we rockin scuba shit

    shit looks ill, im excited, especially for the first track

  • OPKE

    audra wasnt frontin, Ross is just hella negligent

  • MattIsLike_

    Maybach O >>>>

  • Is Rick Ross part of the group or not? Because he’s the main artist on some songs and then he’s “featured” on some songs. Why not Meek Mill & Rick Ross etc… You’re not special titties

  • just noticed anon asked the same question… yeah why is that?

  • j

    where is audra the rapper?

  • Randy

    @anon “why’s Ross listed as a feature on some tracks? don’t make sense”

    exactly where in “Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made Volume 2” does it imply that rick ross is going to be on every track?

  • Randy

    @anon oooooh you mean because he should have been added in the main title. gotchya… yea thats doesnt make sense.

  • casabling

    04. Rick Ross – All Birds f. French Montan

  • lol. not too hate, came expecting a decent looking list… but this looks like its gonna be terrible

  • frenchieDoe

    MON TAN!

  • Epic Speilberg

    the reason why Rick Ross is probably featured on some tracks is because he may have been an afterthought in the making of some of the songs. Some songs may have started w/ Wale & Meek and then the asked to have Ross on it. Let’s not hate MMG! They happen to be the guys who are not doing bullshit rap, with no lyrics at the moment. Let’s critique the album when it drops and not speculate on what it will/won’t sound like….

  • selfmade

    yo why is prodigy by rick ross!!???wtf

  • defcon

    tracks 1 & 6 going to be the best.

  • yall are mr scroodge

    im pumped for this, noting makes anyone on 2DB happy