Confidence & Rashad – The City Remix Contest: Top 6

blame it on JES7 May 19, 2012

Earlier this year, the dopehouse teamed up with producer Confidence & Ill Adrenaline Records for a remix contest to Rashad & Confidence’s The City. The cut to be remixed is off Rashad’s debut album, The Element of Surprise produced entirely by Confidence. Since we launched the contest, we’ve received more than 300 submissions. So you can imagine it was difficult to have to narrow it down to these top 6. Some were straight trash, others were well crafted. We figured we’d let the dopehouse narrow it down further from the top 6. So, without further ado, here are the top picks. Vote after the jump. Peace to all who participated.

UPDATE (May 23rd): Voting has officially ended. We’ll tally everything up and have a new post for the winner real soon. Thanks for participating and peace to all who submitted their remixes in!

Rashad & Confidence – The City (Original)

JES’ Picks

D.G. Productions Remix

Kids of Crackling Remix

Ill Adrenaline’s Picks

Bboy Enea Remix

Big Malk Remix

Confidence’s Picks

Max Caporaletti Remix

Silent Someone Remix

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  • Max Caporaletti truly nailed the feeling of the song in a way that none of the others got close to doing. Not saying that there weren’t others that were good, just explaining the gist of why I thought Max did it best.

    For the record, The element of surprise is an extremely dope album through and through. It’s one of those albums that you can play for people who never listened to hiphop before and be sure that they’re going to feel it. I’m proud to own a copy of it.

  • DL links????????

  • marty mcfly

    1. D.G.P
    2. Big Malk
    3. Silent
    4. Max

  • John Bryant

    D.G.P killed it here, i even prefer that mix over the original
    but the other mixes are nice aswell

  • Cmon Justice. Well give it to D.G.P… thats who I voted for.. KILLED it

  • BeYoung

    Cant You just release like 2 more and make it a top 8 or maybe even a top 10?

  • Matt

    I listened to the top six and I think Max has the best remix without a doubt.

  • I’d say D.G. takes it – Max C. is a very close second place to me. I’m glad the polls agree too! Good luck to all the top 6. Glad to have participated in this contest.

  • Bravo

    Max… but Bostic Beats got robbed, not even in the top 6?

  • F.C. The Truth

    D.G. had the best remix, Max Close 2nd…very close.. , and my 3rd pick would be kids of crackling .. i love how simple yet dope that beat was..

  • Igotcha

    Max Caporaletti easily.

  • CharredLs

    Kids of Crackling and Max, 1-2.

  • dfacedxa

    Bboy Enea Killed that shit!!! PROPS!

  • Cee

    Max’s remix is…amazing. DG’s is way too busy and cluttered for the emotions that the song is expressing.

  • Steffen

    the d.g. mix wins this by miles, purely amazing


    BBOY ENEA killin it as usual,one of the dopest out there!!!!

  • Rixawr

    Max Caporaletti hands down

  • steez

    Kids of Crackling made a classic eastcoast grimey hit, and made it from a positive song in the city to a gritty city song without even changing the lyrics. Best one in my opinion.

  • TTD

    Max, Max, Max…..that’s it

  • noncompliant

    Kids of Crackling was perfect for subject of track. Big Malk perfect for remix, had that feelin that demanded attention from a true producer. The others were nice but chops were too Premo trendy

  • noncompliant

    Whose the wanna be AZ rapping anyway?

  • Mr. Grace

    Some One Is a Fool And Keeps Voting Hella…. Kids of Crackling Is the Sickest for sure………

  • Trix

    Max…simply the best!!!

  • Tata

    Massive!!!!!!!MAX CAPO!!!!!!!!!!

  • yamastilo


  • yamastilo


  • red

    DJ Mentos didn’t make it on here?

  • When can we download all of these!?

  • PRalines

    You should also mention that anyone who didnt buy The Element of Surprise missed out on the best album of ’11

  • UnKnoWn

    I dont know how BBOY ENEA is winning this right now, it was one of the weakest imo. Had to give my vote to Silent Someone, I was also feelin Max and Kids of Crackling.

  • sp1200

    totaly agree with UnKnoWn. This is the worst way to choose the winer of this contest becouse the one who will win it will be this one who have more friends to vote for him. This is not right! Im voting for Max ! Dope remix kid! nice work! There is one other remix here which sound good and this is D.G. prod’s remix but others are so wack! I cant understand how but its their choise. Congrats rashad and confidence for this contest! More artist must do this thing cuz there are many talented young producers and this is the right way to help them! big up!

  • a

    yo sp1200 if you think that most of the remixes sound wack,post your bandcamp or soundcloud page!show us you skills!

  • sp1200

    chill dude. im not the only one who said it and comments are just for that – to say what you think right? this is what im thinking. this is my opinion. u dont think same way but this dont mean that you are right. at same time it doesnt mean that im right. different people different opinions. this is mine. there is no need to post mine. i dont need to proove anything to you. so .. chill and support your remix or your friend’s remix. peace!

  • a

    sometimes opinions needs facts!especially in HIP HOP!now i’m going to listen EPMD,needs 2 chill you know?ahhahahaha

  • G-Mack Beats

    Even though it isn’t on the list…G-Mack Beats was the best in my opinion…but everyone has their own tastes I suppose.

  • fromthas

    PEPOLE WTF! Turn of your pc and turn on your sampler. Stop talking shit!

  • i vote for Max Caporaletti, he have made a perfect one remix, with soul and the good vibes.

  • dj quanto

    enea mega beat!

  • John Bryant

    like i said before i voted d.g.p
    and still i have to agree with unknown and sp

    bboy and max twice as much votes as d.g.p? comeon …
    by the way, somebody can tell me who JES is please?

  • Chilz

    how can I hear Bostic Beats remix ? I know of two other remixes off of the top of my head that could have easily been in the top ten.

  • Chilz

    Can we hear your remix G-Mack beats ?

  • Ago

    yo Max is the Capo. TREVISO rappresent put it on for the best remixxxxx!!! ILLLLL!

  • jay

    I seriously hope jury will check the ip address on the votes! without ip address you can vote 10000 times.

  • I.M. Funk

    Big Malk’s one is the fucking best. Props to him and thanks!

  • I’m not trying to be “that guy” but I feel like my remix was better than most of these.. lame. Some of these are super dope though.

  • yeah nice sound Tieran, there’s french hiphop here and ofcourse i support “kids of crackling” poto !, also listen mine if you have time, Peace :D

  • Sergio

    MAX AND DPG, Its a toss up for me. Great remixes. But if we were all going to vote why not post more remixes?

    Respect to the original, because thats the one played by my Kickers kids.

  • G-Mack Beats

    @Chilz how can I send it to you?

  • John Bryant

    who is JES?

  • thecity

    Before talk about “the one who will win it will be this one who have more friends to vote for him…” start think that you can use foxyproxy or similar software and get infinite votes!

  • @Sergio i’m agree with you, a soundcloud group will be the best in that case

  • @John Bryant in that direction, what is the choice of major interested (Rashad) ? :D..

  • boubleW

    This sucks!! The last day DG won! What?!?! Some one can explain this bullshit!? 100 votes in 3 days and 300 more votes in half day wow!! who is the real winner?

  • sp1200

    ooo commmoooon !? what the …. is this ?!? i like DG remix but this is no fair! this is so obvious that someone of DG friends is playing this shity game. like boubleW said “100 votes in 3 days and 300 more votes in half day”
    common 2dopeboyz do something about it! people who participated the contest deserve fair voting!

  • by mě zajímalo kolikátý jsem skončil :) Fogosh