• frankddank

    Man im glad you guys posted that. DOPE POST. "There will always be a reason for the fist." "A revolutionary died but the revolution don't." Happy B-Day to Malcolm X & Yuri Kochiyama.

    R.I.P. Malcolm X

  • Jayx

    This was a good read. I've never actually heard about Yuri until today, but its great to learn something new every once in a while.

  • Paul

    Great write up. Check out the song from The Blue Scholars - Yuri Kochiyama.

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  • fdkiani

    dope song. dope album. dope MC. dope DJ. nuff said

  • Ramona

    Thank you

  • extra titch

    thanks justice, an interesting and educational post~i will explore further.

  • Carl Jr.

    definitely a great read. truly inspired to pursue and read both of Yuri Kochiyama books.

    Happy Birthday Malcolm X & Yuri Kochiyama!

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  • hardy

    Man. This is the dope shit you dont expect to read. That's why I love this blog, it's surprising time for time. Going to read the book I guess.

  • Yasiin Bey

    Malcolm X and Marley Marl, the word of God, the works of art

  • Mr. Grace

    Blue Scholars are DOPE!!! -- Seattle Reppin --- We need MORE real Music and History like this!! DOPEEE Post Justice!!!! Respect THIS is why We come to the DOPEHOUSE for history lessons.. Keep Sendin Out THE Message it will be heard!!!

    Happy B-Day to Malcolm X & Yuri Kochiyama. RIP

  • ans

    Dope shit guys. Welcome relief from the BS that gets posted from time to time. THX

  • RWAP

    Regarding Yuri, the article says "who she was." Yuri is still alive. You ought to print a retraction.