Lakers At Thunder, Game 4

blame it on Shake May 19, 2012

Of course Mek didn’t make a post for the last game when the Lakeshow won haha. Then again, he didn’t make a post for the Spurs/Clips earlier today either. Anyways, game four is going down shortly and LA is looking to even up the series. Y’all know the deal, hit the c-section and get your jibba jabba on..



  • Los

    yo dopeboyz the game is at Staples Center

  • MJR

    ^ lol, so true – Drogba is a fucking legend!!

  • ^^^^^^^

    lmao, sorry but this guy is right. basketball is irrelevant today due to the great match. CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!

    but w/ that said. im pulling for la….. the good one

  • Swaggy

    Fuck all the odds Lakers win this bitch and take the series nigha fuck the cold ass and highly skilled beast mode coldest scorer in the league Durant ass Thunder they weak as shit Fuck That bulls coach last and foremost for leaving Rose in the game fucking Tom Thibbado should be in jail for that type of shit. Go LA

  • How about the San Antonio Spurs…who have won 17 in a row….make it a perfect post season. Take the Clippers, Take the Lakers, and then take the hardware. Then bow down and respect.

  • chad

    Fuck the NBA . Let me know when the NFL season start back up. Thunder winning tonight tho.

  • NotoriousRambo

    OKCCCCC!!! Lakers got lucky LASTNITE

  • yerp

    pau gasol looks like he enjoys the company of men over women. regardless…KOBE

  • kobe is a rapist

    “lakers at thunder”? typical dumb lakers fan that doesnt even know where the game is being played

  • Mr. Hindsight

    Damn Kobe ain’t joking Bernie Mac voice “tonighttt”

  • freddi mac

    fuck futbol

  • NotoriousRambo



    He gon cry in the car

  • trueblue12

    Drog’s last kick in Blue. Blue is the colour of all of Europe. Everyone talking about that 3pointer from Durant. Didier was the best player in Blue today and the only player close was Ashley Cole.

  • THeE

    Lakers f’up big they should be up 3 – 1 now is over for then

  • Diggy

    The Spurs get overlooked mainly because people say they play “boring”. It’s not boring ball , it’s FUNDAMENTAL. Now watch the Spurs creep up and win their FIFTH title this year. They move in silence.

  • ndez

    the spurs are a dangerous team but its OKCS year. Durants clearly the best, idk why lebron is mvp.

  • East Coast Celtics Fan

    This is the 2nd time I fell asleep thinking the Lakers won only to wake up and see that they lost. I dislike the Lakers but I am a Kobe fan. When he’s mad, it’s like uh-oh. I know he wants to hurt somebody on that team right now.

  • Charles Barkley

    Lakers are turrible Kenny,listen here Ernie kowbe Bwyant 40 poin 50 poin.

  • heartbroketed

    I hate being a laker fan


    Chelsea sucked ass and won lmao…. LAME

  • Lakers are garbage… hahahahaha~

    That’s what y’all niggas get for dick-riding Kobe… another mediocre performance.

  • Aaron™

    Unless the Lakers get some Athletic bigs & wingmen,Trade pau Gasoft & get rid of Metta World Artest they never winning another championship anytime soon. Kobe might as well hang it up now. They better hope they get Deron Williams to come play for them in the offseason & trade Bynum for Dwight Howard. Sign Michael Beasley(who is a free agent) since they were unable to get him @ the trade deadline. If they can somehow manage to pull all that off i say Kobe will have atleast 7-8 rings before he calls it quits but i doubt it.

  • Stern gave it to “Kobe” and the Lakers when he did not allow the Chris Paul trade. There was absolutely no reason for him to not allow that trade, and he will be kicking himself in the peen tip if the Spurs and Pacers make it to the Finals…

    Oh, and I hate the Lakers…