• Madlib

    HipHop Queen

  • m.black

    Her voice is very distinctive. She's in the pocket with all her bars and her style is dope...I can definitely see her getting big in Europe. Idk if the Hip Hop masses of America would embrace her like they do Nicki...

    She would have to get on some different kind of beats...maybe something by dj scratch or Black Milk...

  • jetskis

    Chuck = dope Melodee = skills + voice + style + a$$ = dope

  • Joonz

    She's dope. Better than a lot of the other females we have right now.

  • hulkhogan

    She's dope but she won't get big in Europe.. she's been around a few years, definitely did her thing but didn't make any big noise.. I feel like they're just introducing her to Americans now because there's a bigger market for rap music there.

    Let's hope she succeeds because her style is dope and she's definitely talented..