Saturday Night Sexy: Aisha Thalia

blame it on Illy May 19, 2012

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The Irish, German and Trinidadian vixen Aisha Thalia who has appeared in music videos for Kanye West and John Legend lands on tonight’s (2)dope sexy screen. Caribbean chicks for the cot damn win. You already know the drill.

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  • Woah

    My buddy’s sister just saved $69.98…wait…good god look at the curves on this woman


  • The Mack

    My, my, my… Now, I done tasted every flavor, from french vanilla to double chocolate mocha, but tonight I’m in the mood for some caramel.

    Aisha Thalia, I choose you.

    Maybe we can get together later on & wrap a taste on it. Can you dig it, baby?

  • Pussy Purist

    Meh. She aight. Kinda jump the gun on this one ghostshake. It’s still daytime.

  • but she got no ass though

  • JayA

    waiting on that scumbag scott post…

  • dEt0X2010


  • Faggotboi


    dude wtf lol

  • Based.

    Man iWould do some foul illegal shit to her ! iWould lick def lick her whole face!

  • Truth Teller

    Let’s be honest, none of you motherfuckers are getting any pussy.

  • bnp

    ^lmao word yo yall niggas typin up all this wild shit lol yall teed cuh

  • bumbaclot

    i just want her to take a nice shit in my mouth but only after shes eaten some curry goat i repeat ONLY after curry goat.its a serious fetish that only can be done with a trini woman

  • Samatha

    She looks like a horse to me! #notcuteatall

  • Illaiiller

    yes please

  • Hello ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for my absence last week—I had a previous engagement with some absolutely gorgeous Brazilian twins. But enough about those voluptuous vixens, that’s another story for another day.
    This week as I was flying back from Brazil, I happened to see this exquisitely beautiful light-skinned woman across the aisle from me. I kept trying to start up a conversation with her, but the gay flight attendant kept hitting on me every chance he got. He was the type of gay who was pretty up front about it, he had the earing, the fake tan, the waxed eyebrows, the high pitched voice, and even one of those gay guy lisps to top it off. This man was flaming.
    Anyways, I finally got a word in to her right as the flight was landing, she jokingly asked me if I was going to give her the flight attendant my number and we both shared a laugh. She was beautiful, with a perfect smile and her eyes narrowed everytime she laughed. I was enamored within the first five seconds of our conversation. I helped her get her luggage out of the overhead compartment and I caught her eye-fucking me as I was taking her luggage down—I had been working out a lot lately and apparently she noticed because she lightly grabbed my arm and said “Thank you sweetie” in the sexiest voice I had ever heard and I was instantly struck with a raging erection.
    She introduced herself as Aisha as we walked down the ramp towards the terminal and asked me where I was headed—it was only 9 oclock and the night was young. I told her that I’d be taking her out for dinner. She raised one of her eyebrows and said “Is that so?” and I leaned in so that our lips were only centimeters apart and whispered “Unless you want to skip to dessert…”. She let out a slight sigh of excitement and got this seductive look in her eyes. At this point, my boner was as hard as it could possibly be, it was throbbing and Aisha must have noticed because she whispered “Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” and started gently massaging my cock through my Ralph Lauren chinos. I titled my head back in ecstasy and told her how much I wanted to pound that ass—she was wearing light yellow blouse, exposing her cleavage, and a skin tight white skirt which left almost nothing to the imagination.
    She led me into the women’s restroom and into the handicapped stall. She pushed me up against the wall and began fiercely kissing me and massaging my cock as she did so. She moved down and started kissing my neck as I started unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her luscious, perky tities. She pushed me back into the walk and shook her finger at me seductively, “I’m going to strip for you baby…”. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I was in the women’s bathroom of LAX about to have passionate sex with an angelic goddess. I gazed at her, not knowing that my mouth had been half-open, as she was stripping for me. Her blouse came off completely, completely revealing her tits (which were still covered by a sexy red push-up bra), then she turned away from me and bent all the way over so that her ass was facing me. The seams of her skirt began to slightly tear as she bent over with that big sexy ass in my face. She unzipped her skirt and it grudgingly fell to the floor, revealing her flawless ass. I felt as if my dick was going to explode if I didn’t get to have sex with this woman.
    She was now standing before me in nothing more than a bra and the tiniest g string you could ever imagine. She started unbuttoning my shirt, loosening my belt, and taking off my pants. We now both stood there in nothing but our underwear, my throbbing dick was now completely visible, as it didn’t even fit in my boxers. She seductively raised her eyebrow and got on her knees, I knew what was about to happen. She slid my boxers off, finally exposing my cock, and began licking the tip of it. Then, she started slowly licking up and down my shaft while she played with my balls. I put my hands behind my head, feeling like the fucking king of the jungle. She gave perfect head, no teeth, and was able to fit the entire dick in her mouth without gagging—she was the queen of cock. But now it was my turn.
    I pushed her up against the wall this time and slid her g string off and took her bra off. Her nipples were hard enough to cut a diamond and her pussy was dripping her sweet juices. I started kissing her neck, twisting her nipples with one hand and fingering her with the other hand. My lady friends know me as Magic Fingers, with that said, I was able to make Aisha cum within 5 minutes. She whispered in my ear “Fuck me daddy”. I had no choice but fuck this dime piece in this LAX bathroom.
    I bent her over the toilet and began long stroking her doggystyle and her soft moans quickly turned into earsplitting screams of pleasure. She came once more and I sat down on the toilet seat. She sat on my cock cowgirl style and started grinding on my dick and shaking that ass. I had never been fucked like this in my life. She had complete control over her ass and she jiggled it in all directions. She came again, but this time she squirted all over my dick—it felt like a river of sexual passion flowing over my dick.
    I stood up (with her still on my dick) and started fucking her standing up. She was moaning even louder than before and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I told her to get on her knees. Just as she was getting on her knees, an 85 year old woman in a wheel chair opened the door to the stall and asked what was going on, without an ounce of hesitation I came what felt like a gallon of cum all over Aisha’s face while the old woman watched in horror. Aisha swallowed all of the cum and told me she was too weak to walk. I picked her up and pushed the old lady out of the way and we walked out of the airport completely naked and I put her in the passenger seat of my car. I drove us to my beach-front home and we made love once more when we got home. She fell asleep in my arms as the sun set, and I sat back and enjoyed life.

  • no

    you did good, kid.

  • JAyP

    niggas saying she cool she iight like they fuck with top notch or better bitches I bet the hoes ya fuck with don’t look shit like this ahahahahah

  • J.T.

    The comments are way more interesting than the pictures lol. Either guys are hating or they are saying some off the wall shit about what they would do to the girl.

  • JAyP

    LMAO Scumbag Scott needs to be a comedy film

  • Nick

    Her look is one dimension. She isn’t really a pretty girl, it just seems that she can posse in a two-piece. I’ve seen better looking chicks on my block.

  • Juicy-G

    I want to open her legs extremely wide, spray whip cream in between them, and lick it all away. Yes, I’m one thirsty motherfucker.

  • lion

    i say shake let scumbagscott run saturday night sexy .. the stories on this shit is fucking hilarious

  • Dawg

    lmfao scumbagscott rofl

  • Midwestbeast

    Scumbag good shit.

  • QBN

    Scumbag Scott LMFAO!

  • Jonesy Stark

    Long live the Scumbag!!!

  • Danielle

    @Samatha! I too agree, she does look like a horse or Nathelee Nunn! She has a moon head and doesn’t possess any natural beauty which I find appealing.

  • Thank you shake and scott

    typical…the girl comments are hating. hahahaha

  • Frank

    Well I’m a dude and I must agree that she’s not as hot as you guys would like to believe.