Hulu Presents: A Day In the Life of ?uestlove

Here's a dope 20 min documentary on a day in the life of one of the busiest and most knowledgeable men in music, ?uestlove. Yes, per usual, there are commercials. Don't let that stop you from watching this though. Everything from the origins of his name (first went by BrotheR ?), his health to his introduction to music which gave birth to his extensive knowledge of MUSIC are spoken on. Oh yeah, ?uest raps too, in case you didn't know. Peace to Khal on the heads up.

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  • Dave

    props but i can't watch it because i'm not in the US

  • red-one

    would like to watch this....but i live in sweden

  • LALowkey

    I love this man...

  • just telling the truth

    this guy is carrying around j.lo's ass. he looks sick and doing all this work will kill him at the end at an early age.

  • Se7en5iveSe7evn

    Why is his trainer making this dude lift weights?? After changing his diet the best thing he could do for his health is some light cardio 3-4 times a week. Dropping 50-60 lbs could take stress off his heart and add years to this dudes life.. which means years of more dope music.

  • 504bizzo

    Questlove and the roots crew are very important to the hip hop culture! much respect!
    ps--quest love's hairstylist is fine as heaven!!!

  • Ricki Lutes

    sounds 2dope but i live in denmark, so i can't watch it

  • NoWuff

    This dude is living the life.. @Se7en5iveSe7evn +1

  • dave

    lmao@all the foreign people

  • Illaiiller

    Quest Love is a living Legend i hope this dude lives till hes 100 years old

  • F.C. The Truth

    Questlove is a genius.. i really hope he gets healthy! My Parents both suffered from really bad changed life for me and them.


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