The re-release of Juicy J's Blue Dream & Lean project includes ten never-before-heard bonus tracks. Tracklist & download after the jump. Shouts to X.

I Wont Miss Ya (Produced By Juicy J)
Its In Me To Hustle (Produced By Jahlil)
Hell Of A Drug (Produced By Jahlil)
Deep In Da Hood (Produced By Jahlill)
Money Mane Remix (Produced By Sonny Digital)
These Hands (Produced By Sonny Digital)
Im Ballin (Produced By Lex Luger)
Codine Cups (Produced By Juicy J and Crazy Mike)
20 Zig Zags (Produced By Space Ghost Purp)
Bandz A Make Her Dance (Produced by Mike Will)

DOWNLOAD: Juicy J – Blue Dream & Lean (Bonus Tracks)
PREVIOUS: Juicy J – Bands A Make Her Dance (prod. Mike WiLL)


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  • T-Luv

    Are these tagless (cant listen at work)

  • DJ 14

    ^ yea, all tracks are nodj.

  • T-Luv

    Preciate it, will go ahead and download when I get home

  • Oregonized Crime

    iM Trippy Mane

  • trippyyyy mane

    Codine Cups is dope as helll! WE TRIPPY MANE!

  • Chi2LA23

    Damn Codine Cups is crazy! Juicy always makes the sickest beats.

  • Chi2LA23

    And holy fuck 20 Zig Zags has old 3 6 written all over it. SpaceGhost laced him proper.

  • the don


  • imf

    Daamn there were already 27 tracks on the original


    Juicy J is one dedicated, hard-working muhfucker who cares more about his fans than most other rappers.